This island will have you marvelling at landscapes during the entirety of your stay

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Nature & wildlife trip

Actively explore the Island of Korčula, its villages, beaches and coves

Croatia is full of hidden gems, such as the small villages of Korčula's interior or beautiful secluded beaches with turquoise sea. Bring out your inner explorer, treat yourself to an activity packed holiday, hike & bike and enjoy two great Croatian gastronomy delights – seafood and wine.

More than two thousand years ago the Greeks named Korčula Korkyra Melaina (Black Korkyra) for its dense Mediterranean vegetation, and the Romans called it Corcyra Nigra. They brought what now is a millennia old tradition of winemaking, but the island is also known for quiet coves and small sandy or pebbly beaches, and a glorious old town. Spend your holiday in a traditional village of this island which is brimming with culture and breath-taking sights, bike or hike to secluded beaches and green hills in the very heart of the Mediterranean. Unwind and allow yourself to be seduced by the island of Marco Polo.

Trip highlights

  • Cycling across the island of Korčula and exploring hidden beaches, swimming in crystal clear blue sea
  • Sea kayaking from town of Korčula to the sandy beach Lumbarda, where you can swim and have lunch
  • Hiking through a forest trail across Mount Veli Vrh, passing vineyards and olive groves, to reach a beautiful Bratinja Luka beach and have a swim
  • Visit to the island of Mljet and its National Park
  • Attending a Moreška folk dance show - a sword dance that has been part of local tradition for over 450 years

Trip availableMAY-SEP
Duration8 days
Suitable for2-6 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 400.00 €
Great for
  • Couples with children (12+)
  • Small groups of 4-6 friends
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Private rural house
Trip designed by Marija Mance

Experienced tour guide and a passionate explorer of hidden treasures of Croatia

Activities are taking place on the Island of Korčula

Korčula Old Town is a medieval walled city positioned on a small peninsula pointing deep into the Pelješac Channel. The architecture in the Old Town is mainly influenced by Venetian Renaissance.

There is a local legend that famous discoverer Marco Polo was born in a stone walled house in Korčula Town. Despite its rather featureless interior, the house tower allows for a panoramic vista of Korčula, stretching from east to west. The house is under the protection of the Korčula Town Hall. There are plans for this house to be turned in the Museum of Marco Polo.

A trip to the beach is an essential part of any visit to Korčula. You can walk, bike or paddle in any direction and you’ll always find a nice beach – Korčula beaches are recognised as being some of the best in Croatia. One of the advantages of being surrounded by water is that wherever you go, the beach is never too far away. With more than 150 miles of varied coastline, the island offers wide-ranging types of beaches, rocky, sandy and pebble beaches, hidden coves with clear waters...

Unlike the rest of Dalmatia, which is known mostly for its red wines, the island of Korčula is renowned above all for the quality of its white. There are native grapevine varieties like Pošip, Rukatac and Grk.

The wines of Korčula are celebrated for their exquisite character, aromas and for their high alcohol content. They are distinguished for their exceptionally fine acidity – unusual among southern wines – which makes them such a pleasure to drink. Among the reds, the most popular is Plavac Mali.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Catamaran trip and village accommodation

After arrival at Split Airport, you will be greeted by the host, who will escort you to Split harbour and hand you your fast ferry (catamaran) tickets. If you still have some spare time left, take a walk on the famous Riva (Promenade).

Departure by regular service fast ferry is at 17.00h, and you will once again be greeted by your host at the Port of Korčula, 3 hours and 10 minutes later.

From there, he will take you to the picturesque village of Žrnovo in the interior of the island, where you will be staying at a typical rural house and receive all the necessary printed tourist guide material. The village is spread across four hamlets, which are nestled between old vineyards, olive fields, as well as pine and cypress forests.

Dinner at a local tavern and overnight stay.

Food tip

"Makaruni" is Žrnovo's most famous speciality: pasta prepared by hand following an old recipe and seasoned with a special onion, tomato, and meat sauce.

Day 2

Walking to the town of Korčula

After having breakfast at the house, you will begin your discovery of the island by a 50-minute hike to the town of Korčula, first mentioned in the 10th century. Taking a stroll through this stone-paved town is an experience unlike any other due to the magnificent view of the blue Adriatic Sea, the islets and the adjacent Pelješac Peninsula. You can enjoy the beautiful landmarks as well as the offer provided by the numerous souvenir shops and stores. Go sightseeing and visit the town's monuments with the aid of the guidebook that you will receive from your host and have lunch at one of the quaint local taverns in town. You can return to Žrnovo on foot, by regular service bus, or taxi. Return to the house and overnight stay.

Day 3

Visiting Mljet National Park

Breakfast. At 09:00h, your host will come to take you to the catamaran after which you will have to bid Korčula farewell for a while and visit the most wooded island in the Adriatic.

10:10h: Departure by regular service catamaran. 10:50h: Arrival in Pomena (Mljet Island).

Buy tickets at the entrance and go for a walk around Mljet National Park, which encompasses a large portion of the island, including a few settlements, two saltwater lakes, the Benedictine monastery on St. Mary island.

Unspoiled and secluded, this island of mystique, vines, olives, and dense forests is perfect for exploring the abundant flora and fauna and enjoying the stunning untainted nature in peace. You can go for a dip in the lake, rent a kayak or bike, or have lunch at the restaurant on St. Mary island. After one-hour trip from Pomena to Korčula (17:10h: Departure from Pomena, 18:10h: Arrival in Korčula), your bikes will be waiting for you at the local agency, which you will then take to return to Žrnovo, followed by a dinner at the house and an overnight stay.


Make sure to read the legend of Odysseus who was allegedly shipwrecked here and remained "trapped" because of the nymph Calypso, who ruled the island.

Day 4

It's time to bike southward

After breakfast it is time for yet another eventful day on the island. Get your lunch baskets ready (or you can order one at the tavern in Žrnovo) and take your bikes to the village of Pupnat, then head southward to a local road that will take you to the gorgeous Pupnatska Luka beach. Taking a swim at this beach with crystal clear blue water is truly an unforgettable experience. In case you haven't brought a lunch basket, you can have lunch at the tavern on the beach. Go back to the local road and make your way through the vineyards to the village of Čara and then continue to Zavalatica for some wine tasting. After exploring the southern part of the island, return to Pupnat and head back to Žrnovo by taking the road or "Napoleon's Path", a non-asphalted track dating back to the 19th century, which makes for a fun bike ride. Now that you've finally arrived to Žrnovo, you deserve a break.

Day 5

Getting to know the northern part of the island

After breakfast, grab your lunch baskets again, review the instructions your host gave you and take your bikes to the village of Pupnat, but this time instead of going southward, head to the northern part of the island and take the local road down to a village surrounded by a deep sea bay, which is carved into the northern coast of the island. After swimming at a lovely hidden beach, your host recommended, and having lunch by the sea, go back to the village and then via the coastal road to Korčula, where you will return the bikes to the agency from which you checked them out. You will be having dinner at a restaurant accompanied by a Moreška show, which is a traditional sword dance introduced by a short dramatic scene, that has been performed in Korčula for over 450 years. Your host will arrange a return transfer to Žrnovo. Overnight stay.

Day 6

Kayaking between the islets

Breakfast and a walk to Korčula. Kayaks will be waiting for you, which you can then manoeuvre between the islets in the Pelješac Channel. Get ready for paddling to the sandy beach in Lumbarda, where you can have lunch and swim in the sea before going back to Korčula. Return the kayak and take another stroll through this delightful town and buy a souvenir or two before leaving for Žrnovo. Dinner and overnight stay.


In case that you do not opt for a lunch basket, remember to book lunch at the tavern on the beach in Lumbarda in advance; the host can make the reservation upon your request, just make sure to do it in time.

Day 7

Hiking to one of the beautiful beaches

Breakfast, followed by a hike through the forest trail across Mount Veli Vrh. Pass the old vineyards and olive groves on your way to Bratinja Luka beach in the southern part of the island. After a rejuvenating swim in the crystal clear sea, climb up the hill to the tavern your host sent you to, where you will be served lunch – grilled meat or fish, home-grown vegetables, olive oil and wine. Take a short break and then take the forest path down to the secluded Pavja Luka beach and go for one last swim in the mesmerising turquoise sea. Return to Žrnovo via a forest trail through a vegetation "tunnel". Dinner at the house and overnight stay.

Day 8

Find some time and enjoy Split on your way back

It's time to say goodbye to this enchanting island. At 05.30 the host will come by with the catamaran tickets and then you will be transferred to the port. Observe nature awaking from its slumber and capture the dawn by taking some breath-taking photos. Departure by regular service catamaran at 06.00 and arrival in Split at 09.10. Leave your luggage at the port left-luggage office after which you will have free time until the transfer to the airport approximately 2 and a half hours before take-off.

What's included?

  • Greeting at Split Airport and transfers as per the itinerary
  • Tickets for the regular catamaran route Split-Korčula-Split
  • Rental of a traditional house in Žrnovo for 7 nights for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 persons – accommodation is available at one of four rural houses and is subject to availability
  • Dinner on the day of arrival at a tavern in Žrnovo (includes 1/4 l of wine per person)
  • Two day bike rental
  • Dinner at a restaurant in Korčula (includes 1/4 l of wine per person), admission to the Moreška folk dance show and transfer from Korčula to Žrnovo afterwards
  • Kayak rental
  • Dinner at a tavern on day 7 (includes 1/4 l of wine per person)
  • Printed material pertaining to the programme in French, German, or English, detailed personalised itinerary, tour guide for the town and the island of Korčula, tours and road book
  • Assistance provided by a local agency in Korčula
  • Trip organisation and assistance provided by the host
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Breakfast, dinner (except two) or lunch (except one)
  • Wine tasting in Zavalatica
  • Local bus or taxi fare
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

Obligatory surcharge - payment on the spot

  • Tickets for the regular catamaran route Korčula-Pomena-Korčula
  • Admission to Mljet National Park

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