The sheep on this island eat on open pastures; aromatic herbs give a special taste to the cheese made from their milk

Photo: Lukasz Nowak
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Going rural trip

Become a shepherd for a week, work hard but relax your mind

Live the life of a shepherd for a week on the Mediterranean island of Pag. You will completely forget about the stress of urban life. Learn how to take care of sheep, eat simple & delicious food made by the island’s farmers, and discover what makes the authentic Pag cheese taste so great.

Pag is an island governed by nature. There’s fresh air, pastures, bird songs, a sky full of stars and wind blowing freely. You will spend a week as a shepherd. Settled in the island’s main town, also named Pag, every day after breakfast you will go to the pasture and team up with a local shepherd. Tend the sheep, gather them, bring them food & water, cuddle the lambs, and occasionally fix dry stone walls if you see that any of the stones got knocked off. When you feel hungry, you will join the main shepherd in a simple meal.

Every day upon return back to Pag, you will have free time. Use it to explore local intricacies. In the evenings, embark on a gastronomical exploration of the island and try the well-known specialties such as Pag lamb and the cheese made exclusively by Pag sheep. Pag cheese is the most prestigious and most awarded sheep milk cheese in the region, and you’ll be a part of that story. Go to bed early in the evenings - the sheep will be waiting for you on the pasture first thing in the morning.

Trip highlights

  • Living an island life away from urban noise, crowds, pollution or stress
  • Tending to sheep, bringing them to food and water
  • Authentic farmer meals on the pasture

Trip availableAPR-JUN,
Duration8 days
Suitable for2-8 people
SupportFully guided
Price per personfrom 573.00 €
Great for
  • Nature lovers
  • Older people
  • Young couples without children
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Private apartment
Trip designed by Helena Šarić

True believer that wherever you go, you should go with all your heart

Activities are taking place on the island of Pag

The island of Pag is famous for its sheep herding tradition. The sheep here eat on open pastures with aromatic herbs giving a special taste to the cheese made from their milk. Bura, a strong wind blowing over the Velebit channel picks up and carries a lot of Adriatic sea salt, which contributes to the specific vegetation and quality feeding of Pag sheep.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to the "Sheep Island"

Welcome to the island of Pag and its eponymous capital. Get comfortable in your apartment. After a short rest, your shepherd life begins. The local guide will take you to the pasture where a shepherd diligently watches over his flock, for introductions. Take in the smell of nature, sheep noises and the sounds of the wind that will bring you relaxation. The presence of sheep will make you feel closer to what we miss in our urban lives. This is a world with no urban noise, crowds, pollution or stress. When you come back from the pasture, you’ll have some free time.

Days 2-7

Every day will be the same and no day will be the same.

After breakfast you’ll go to the pasture and join the local shepherd. Tend to the sheep, gather them, bring them to food and water. Pag is an island with scarce vegetation, but there is Sage and Immortelle (sometimes also called the curry plant) and they both help give the Pag cheese that special taste. If you guide the sheep to them, you’ll become a part of the Pag cheese story.

Whenever you’re hungry, you’ll have a real farmer's meal, the way shepherds have always been eating on the pasture: cheese & bread, along with grapes, apples, figs, almonds – depending on the season.

When you finish your daily tasks, you will return back to Pag and have your free time. There is a lot to explore in the town and in vicinity, in the afternoons and evenings, with some guided tours available:

  • The cheese factory of Pag
  • The museum of salt
  • The lace gallery
  • The old Renaissance town core
  • The Church of the Assumption
  • Pag windmills
  • Exceptional restaurants with authentic local food

Day 8

At the end, visit Novalja

Eight days and eight wonderful mornings spent on the island of salt, lace, cheese and sheep proved therapeutic both for your soul and your body. With a recharged vigour and a stronger spirit, you can get back to your life. Let this unique farming experience help you go through new life challenges with ease.

We will not let you go without recommending additional locations and activities on Pag. Weather permitting, go to Novalja, the famous tourist town on the island of Pag, take a walk and have a cup of coffee. Make sure you visit the antique aqueduct in Novalja which represents the most significant archaeological heritage of the island of Pag. It is an underground tunnel built in the 1st century during the Roman Empire and it used to supply the area with spring water in the nearby Novalja field.

Bon voyage!

What's included?

  • 7 overnight stays in a 3-star apartment
  • Everyday program – sheep herding
  • Authentic farmer’s meal every day on the pasture: Pag cheese & bread, water, grapes, apples, figs or almonds – depending on the season
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Arrival to the island of Pag
  • Transfer from the apartment to the pasture and back - 48.00 € daily (if you don’t want to use your own car)
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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