Cycling near the seafront will fill your lungs with the freshest air there is

Photo: Domagoj Vrtodušić
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Cycling the moonlike island of Pag

Pag Island is known for its barren, moonlike landscape, ecological salt production, lace production, Pag lamb and Pag cheese. The islanders also produce some excellent wine and olive oil. Why not see and taste it all on a guided cycling holiday?

One of the most interesting Croatian islands, the island of Pag, has been attracting tourists since 1925 and especially since the construction of the Bridge of Pag in 1968. The blue line of the Via Dinarica stretches from the Tovarnele bay on the northernmost part of the island and follows the main island road towards the town of Pag and continues over the Bridge of Pag to the mainland.

Pebble and sand beaches ring the island, the landscape is very unusual with parts of it being extremely rocky and devoid of vegetation and other parts being desert-like with odd spiky cactus plants growing there. Nevertheless, there's life everywhere – tough local sheep graze on herbs and salty grasses, lending their meat and milk a distinctive flavour. Pag lamb and Pag cheese have both been given a status of protected geographical origin from the EU.

Trip highlights

  • Diverse daily cycling tours, adapted to the fitness of the group & weather conditions
  • Riding on seafront routes to reach a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Pag
  • Visit to the crudest part of the island, often referred to as “Moonlike landscape”
  • Biking across the neighbouring island of Rab (reached via a ferry)
  • Visit to the Olive Gardens of Lun, where you can see trees over 1500 years old

Trip availableAPR-JUN,
Duration7 days
Suitable for6-12 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 492.00 €
Great for
  • Cyclists
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Private apartments
Trip designed by Domagoj Vrtodušić

Licensed bike guide, Pag island specialist

Activities are taking place on the island of Pag

The island of Pag has the longest coastline (302.47 km) of all Adriatic islands and there are marked bike routes that can take you to some of the most interesting places by the sea. Along with the marked bike routes, there are many routes suitable for riding that only the locals know.

There are many things Pag is known for, and it is very interesting that the most famous things are practically equally distributed among different age and interest groups. Besides bikers and hikers, Pag attracts young people from all over the world as Zrće beach is world-famous for its music festivals, 24 hour parties and incredible open-air nightclubs. Foodies of all age groups come here to taste the famous Pag cheese and Pag lamb along with the local olive oil and wine. Families with children are regular guests of many private renters on the island for years – and they keep coming back.

Smaller and greener island of Rab is known for and proud of its tourism tradition, which has already lasted for 120 years. Awarded many times as the best tourist destination in the Adriatic, the town of Rab is recognisable by four church towers and ancient town walls, and has long been the main point of interest on the island. Lately, however, Rab has become a perfect spot for active holidays with plenty of hiking and biking trails.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Arrival to Novalja

Welcome to Pag! You’ll be welcomed by the host, who is also the cycling tour guide, and who will settle you into your apartments. The apartments are located in a quiet part of the town of Novalja, at the seafront, all with a sea view. This is followed by the group meetup with a welcome drink and you’ll check out the bicycles, routes and the itinerary.

We can also provide a guided tour of the town of Novalja, if you would like one so that you get about better during your stay.

Food tip

There are many restaurants offering diverse food – from fast-food to fish restaurants of high quality. Some are open all year round, but some only work seasonally – consult your host and enjoy your first dinner in Novalja.

Day 2

Olive Gardens of Lun

Each of the days that follow will start off with a breakfast and familiarising yourself with the route and the daily itinerary. The first bike route is 40-50 km, as the experienced guide will assess. He will adapt each itinerary to the weather conditions and the fitness of the group, and perhaps grant some special wish by a traveler. You will ride towards the Olive Gardens of Lun, representing the untouched and the most exotic corner of the island. There is a 7 km trail passing through the olive groves, and you can tour it by bike or, if agreed, by an electric vehicle accompanied by a guide. This is followed by arrival to Tovarnele, lunch at the local tavern and sightseeing. Return to Novalja and relax.

Route grading: easy/moderate

Duration: cca. 5hrs


If you’re into photography, make sure you bring your equipment with you – the island of Pag offers many opportunities to capture magnificent landscape photos.

Day 3

Novalja – Quarry – Metajna

After breakfast, the group will be introduced to the daily itinerary and consult the guide about the rout. The route extends to cca. 50 km and starts with a ride towards Old Novalja taking to the entrance to the “Zaglav”, the rocky part of the island almost completely void of vegetation due to bura (northern wind) and salt. It is frequently named “Moonlike Landscape” and it shows the crudest part of the island. You’ll descend towards Novalja field and the winery Boškinac, one of the most recognisable brands of the island of Pag. This is followed by an arranged visit to the family winery – tour of the cellar accompanied with a story of wine, wine tasting of two types of wine, with smoked ham, cheese and anchovies (duration cca. 1h-1.5h).

You will continue the route through Novalja field towards Metajna, a small village in a stone nest, with beautiful beaches in the eastern part of the island. Ride on seafront routes with a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Pag. Return to Novalja, rest and enjoy your dinner.

Route grading: moderate

Duration: cca 6 hrs


Take a backpack with plenty of space, for a bottle or two of wine – Boškinac wines are a true authentic souvenir of the island of Pag.

Day 4

Novalja – Pag

Have a rich breakfast as, after being introduced to the daily itinerary and consulting the guide about the route, you are expected to be cycling 40 to 70 km. Ride towards the town of Pag, on an old macadam road with views of Velebit and the Bay of Pag. The road passes through the foot of the highest peak, the peak of St. Vid. Arrival to the town of Pag and tour of the Pag Lace Gallery and the Museum of Salt. Organised lunch at the local tavern and return, or continuation of the beautiful route taking you to the wind power stations above the town of Pag. This location offers a beautiful view overlooking the whole island of Pag and the neighbouring islands. The descent on the macadam road to a small town Košljun and a ride further through the tourist place of Šimuni and the well-known Kolan back to Novalja.

Route grading: moderate/demanding

Duration: cca 6 hrs

Day 5

Island of Rab

After breakfast, get ready for a short ferry ride to the neighbouring island. The expected route is 40-60 km long, as the group agrees. A van will take your equipment from Novalja to Tovarnele, where you will take the ferry to the nearby island of Rab. You will dock at the town of Rab, a true tourist mecca, and from there you will get to know the island. After touring the most interesting parts of this green island, an organised lunch follows at a tavern known for its local specialties.

You will return to the town of Rab, embark the ferry and return to Novalja.

Route grading: moderate

Duration: cca 5 hrs

Day 6

Novalja – Kolan – St. Vid

After breakfast, the guide will present you the most demanding route of this trip. The route extends to cca. 50 km. A ride on macadam roads towards the Ornithological reserve Kolansko blato, one of the rare remaining Mediterranean wetland habitats, where many wetland birds are getting ready for migration and hibernation. Continuation of the ride towards Mandre and Šimuni. Climb to St. Vid, the highest peak of the island of Pag (348 m). The macadam road will take you to the altitude of 268 m and you can cross on foot the remaining part. The climb is around 3 km long, and the panoramic view extending from the top of the island is indescribable. The descent from the top, at some places technically demanding, will take you back to Šimuni where you will continue further to Kolan. You will stop at a small place well-known for Pag cheese. At the Gligora Cheese Dairy, the recipient of many medals and global awards for cheese, you’ll have a tour in disposable protective clothing and footwear, and taste cheese and other products, such as Vrbnička žlahtina, red wine Brajdica, olive oil and seasonal vegetables. The whole visit takes 1-1.5 hours to complete. Return to Novalja and enjoy your last evening on the island.

Route grading: demanding

Duration: cca 5 hrs


Just like Boškinac wines, Pag cheese will most certainly please your friends back home.

Day 7


After breakfast, packing and check-out. If you have spare time before departure, you can visit Zrće beach. Zrće, not far from Novalja, has become a worldwide well-known party destination, but this Croatia's most famous beach is really a beautiful long pebble beach, with crystal clear sea and definitely worth a visit.

What's included?

  • 6 overnight stays with breakfast in 3-star apartments in Novalja (buffet breakfast available every day on site)
  • Tourist tax
  • Professional tour guide for cycling tours
  • Bike rental for 6 days
  • Entrance to the Olive Gardens of Lun
  • Lunch at a local tavern in Tovernele
  • Tour of winery Boškinac, tasting included
  • Entrance to the museum and gallery in Pag
  • Lunch at the local tavern in the town of Pag
  • Tour of Gligora Cheese Dairy, tasting included
  • Ferry transportation to Rab island and back
  • Lunch at a local tavern in the town of Rab
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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