Zagreb under a full moon

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City breaks trip

Discover the dark legends of Zagreb in the company of witches

This unusual role-playing city break of Zagreb is perfect for a group of friends. We're giving you the chance to become – a witch! Round up your girlfriends, pack your wicked outfits and seductive makeup, get your brooms ready, and go out in Zagreb!

Take a few days to get a glimpse of the Dark Ages of witch hunting in Zagreb. Here, they used to burn the witches until the middle of the 18th century and you will learn everything about it. You get to role-play with your friends as a witch in the castle of mysterious Black Queen and mix up magic potions, or go out for a night-out tour in wacky night clubs. Warlocks are also allowed to attend, but will do so at their own risk.

Trip highlights

  • Dark Legends themed walking tour of Zagreb
  • Black Queen's Castle escape room challenge
  • Visit to the very peculiar Museum of Tourture
  • Playing an interactive game based on local legends (outdoor & indoor option)
  • Visit to the Zagreb Eye viewpoint for spectacular group photos

Trip availableAny time of year
Duration3 days
Suitable for3-8 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 277.00 €
Great for
  • Friends
  • Bachelorette parties
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Private apartment in the City centre
Trip designed by Nikolina Lovrenčić

Always-cheerful tourist guide and a dedicated fairy-tale explorer

Activities are taking place in Zagreb

The witches of Zagreb are not usually called witches. Usually they were called Coprnice (tzoh-pehr-neeh-tzah) after a famous Nicolas Copernicus, a Renaissance priest and the father of modern astronomy.

It was legal to put a woman on trial for being a witch until 1758, when it was reluctantly banned. Such history left Zagreb as a suitable place for its own Museum of torture. Its aim is also to help you realize that our own increasingly vulnerable existence is subjected daily to various forms of visible and invisible torture, from school bullying and workplace mobbing to domestic violence, in order to make torture eventually become just a part of human history presented in a museum.

If one wants to see the forgotten graveyards, to find out about curses and apparitions, witches, secret societies and even dragons, all it takes is one evening walking tour full of eerie and mysterious stories.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Magic potion drinking and VIP seats in a club

After checking into the enchanted witches’ hut (the apartment), we'll take you on a tour of the city. But this isn't just any tour! On this tour, you'll learn all about the connection between the witches and Zagreb and hear some truly dark legends from the past. You'll spend the rest of the evening enjoying delicious snacks, such as unusual canapés, and drink magic "potions" at a local bar decorated with enchanted toys and shifty-eyed dolls.

Some say that many witches are still hiding in Zagreb and that the city is full of handsome warlocks hiding in plain sight as ordinary people... We dare you to put everyone under your spell with your dancing skills and charm at one of the many local nightclubs. Abracadabra and cheers!


If you like, we can also recommend and book you a VIP seat at the one-of-a-kind club Alcatraz.

Day 2

Replaying history, “stayin’ alive” and solving riddles

Good morning, and may it be a magical one! It's time to put on your capes because you've just been invited to the castle of the infamous Zagreb witch, the beautiful but cruel Black Queen. According to the legend, the castle is where she kept her treasure. You'll find yourself in an escape room and your mission will be to find the treasure and escape before the Queen's raven gets a hold of you! After successfully escaping the dungeon, your next stop will be the Museum of Torture where you can take a look at the numerous torture devices that were once used, but could still be applied today!

Dear witches, your evening will end with a couple of popular interactive games that we have in store for you. You can participate in the "Witch-hunt", which will allow you to explore the old town in teams and compete in solving riddles while having the time of your life. If you prefer games that take place indoors where you can have a relaxing drink then you should try out our unique role-playing game: "Witches at the Black Queen's". You'll have to find a way to “stay alive”, make a magic escape potion, and learn how to trust each other. Both games are inspired by real historical events and local legends and they give an interesting insight into the city's dark history.


Participation in one of the following activity games:

1. Witch-hunt: An interactive outdoor exploration of the old town. The game starts with our costumed guide giving the participants a detailed account of the history of witch trials in Zagreb, after which he will divide you into teams and give you the instruction booklet that contains the game's objectives. The first team to solve all the riddles and find the final location wins.

Location: Zagreb's Upper Town. Approximate duration: 1.5h.

2. Witches at the Black Queen's: A fun live-action indoor role-playing game in which the players take on the role of old Zagreb witches. It consists of an introductory workshop and the game itself, which is followed by a relaxed conversation that will provide you with feedback.

Location: participants' apartment. Approximate duration: 2h.

Day 3

Turning into princesses again

As the exciting evening makes way for a peaceful morning, you'll have your last taste of the power elixir at Zagreb's highest point, or its viewpoint to be more exact, which provides a view that will make you feel as though you're flying on a broom. Your spells will then slowly weaken and you'll turn into princesses again. After that you'll have to check out of the apartment, but that doesn't mean that your adventure has to end.

For your last day, we recommend that you visit one of Zagreb's green oases, such as lakes Bundek and Jarun, climb the peaks of Medvednica – Sljeme and Medvedgrad, or join our tour guide for a walk around Maksimir, the most beautiful park in Zagreb.

What's included?

  • 2 overnights at an apartment
  • Theme tour
  • Cocktail and finger food at a bar
  • Participation in the Castle of the Black Queen game (Escape Room)
  • Participation in one of the games (as mentioned in Itinerary in Day 2)
  • Tickets to the Museum of Torture
  • Visit to Zagreb's viewpoint
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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