Exploring the island by bike offers many opportunities for indescribably beautiful views

Photo: Mladen Šćerbe
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Rab by bike: Discovering the Happy Green Island

How many islands in the world do you know that have historical names that mean “Happy” and “Green”? Happy Green Island invites cycling enthusiasts for an active vacation in a beautiful Mediterranean setting.

The island of Rab, located in the northern Adriatic, has some of the most diverse landscapes in the region. It has been a popular tourist destination for over a hundred years, but its beauty was already known to the ancient Romans, who called it Felix Arba or “The Happy Island of Arba” - “Arba” being an Illyrian name for the island, meaning “forested”, “green”.

With recently marked bike trails all around the island, cycling is probably the best way to explore Rab. From easy 20 km long routes along well-trodden macadam and forest paths, to some more demanding 55 km long routes, real MTB treats for the most enduring, there is something for everyone's taste.

Due to its pleasant climate, timeless beauty and the scent of the clean sea mixed with aromatic plants, this island is truly a great choice for a happy holiday. 

Trip highlights

  • Exploring the island of Rab, a real paradise for nature lovers
  • Numerous cycling and walking trails of varying degrees of difficulty
  • Discovering the beauties of the coast from the kayak
  • The town of Rab, with its four Romanesque bell towers and full of medieval buildings
  • Accommodation in a small oasis of peace that will pamper all your senses
Trip availableMAY-SEP
Duration6 days
Suitable for2-6 people
SupportNot guided
Price per personfrom 419.00 €
Great for
  • Couples or small groups of cyclists
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Arbiana Heritage Luxury Boutique Hotel in Rab
Trip designed by Marija Mance

Experienced tour guide and a passionate explorer of hidden treasures of Croatia

Activities are taking place on the island of Rab

Rab island is a very popular tourist destination for many reasons. One of the events that certainly put the island on the tourist map of the world, happened in the summer of 1936. Edward VIII, the UK's new king, and Wallis Simpson brought the world’s press here, and the highlight was when the island authorities granted them special permission to skinny-dip in a bay near the town of Rab. In doing so, they pioneered naturism, establishing Rab as its hub.

The island still maintains a naturist-friendly attitude.

The island is also specific for its geomorphological characteristics, consisting of ridges and valleys. The highest part of the island is the 408 metres high Kamenjak massif, parallel to the Velebit mountain on the mainland.

The northeast coast is a barren, windswept area with few settlements.

However, one-quarter of the island is still forested, and the most famous forest is the one on the Kalifront peninsula - one of the rare preserved Mediterranean holm oak forests. The peninsula is ideal for energetic hikes that can be enjoyed regardless of your age, as the highest peak is only 94 meters above sea level.

Apart from the forests, on Rab island, you can also enjoy the parks. Near the town of Rab is the protected Komrčar Park, a former pasture, where at the beginning of the 20th century, many trees and other plants were planted: evergreen shrubs, Indian figs, oaks, pines, cypresses, firs, ash trees, agave plants.

The main centre of the island is the above-mentioned picturesque town of Rab, recognisable by its four bell towers and medieval walls. It is located on the more densely populated west coast.

The hinterland is protected from cold winds by mountains, and the fertile soil allows the cultivation of various vegetables, the expansion of olive groves and vineyards.

Numerous cycling and walking trails lead to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Arrival to the Happy Island

Only about 150 metres from the fast ferry (catamaran) mooring place in Rab, the friendly staff of the Arbiana Hotel will welcome you to the island. Settle in comfortably, freshen up after the trip and take a nice walk to the town center. Try some of the local dishes in one of Rab's restaurants, and make sure not to forget “Rapska torta”, a traditional cake first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander III.


Cycling through the northwestern part of the island

After breakfast, start your mountain bike adventure around the island. A 43 km long route with a total ascent of 715 metres starts from the old town of Rab, not far from your hotel. An easy ascent and drive along the Frkanj peninsula through a dense coniferous forest to the lantern in the very southwest of the island is followed by a short but very attractive "single-trail" and a ride along the coast to the park forest Dundo. Wild vegetation, forest paths and the southern Premužić trail will satisfy both beginners and more serious MTB riders. The route then continues to Kalifront, a peninsula in the northwest of the island, known for its diverse vegetation and untouched forest where motor vehicles are not allowed. In Kalifront you will find a little bit of gravel, a little bit of real MTB, and many hidden natural bays, as well as the Mel beach on the way back to Rab.


Witness the exceptional diversity of the island's landscape

The route we had in mind for you on the third day of your stay is a bit more demanding than the previous one. The beginning of the route is also in the old town, starting with an easy drive along the coast and the old Roman path. Then follows a steep climb to the highest peak of the island, Kamenjak. The breathtaking view and the fast descent along the road will lead you to rural pathways in the north of the island. The route continues through fields, gardens and vineyards, to the Fruga plateau, where the real MTB pleasure continues due to the unique terrain and vegetation of this part of the island and finishes in the old town of Rab.

If you don’t feel like taking on demanding routes, there is always another option. You can take the path that starts at the entrance to the Kalifront peninsula and continues north. The route goes along well-trodden macadam and forest paths through untouched nature, next to natural bays and numerous archeological sites, all in the deep shade of a coniferous forest. Although short, this 22 km long route has enough content that you can spend the whole day discovering all the charms of the western part of the island, relax and swim in the bay you like and then return to the start of the route.


Sea kayaking

Another attractive way to discover the beauties of the island is kayaking, so take a break from the roads and embark on a sea adventure. If you want to continue exploring on your own, we will get you a kayak and give you directions. If you want to relax completely, just let us know and we will put you in the hands of a professional guide. There is even the possibility of organized guided multi-day tours (with or without overnight stays on hidden beaches) if you would like to extend your stay.


The village of Lopar and the Paradise beach

A 33 km long route will take you to the village of Lopar in the north of the island, and back. You are probably already familiar with the route that leads along the promenade by the sea and along the forest to the large sandy Mel beach northwest of Rab town. From there continue to Supetarska draga and Solina, the former saltworks. An easy drive along the coast and all the way to the centre of Lopar, located on a peninsula full of small bays and 22 sandy beaches. The largest and best-known sandy beach in Lopar is the so called Rajska (Paradise) Beach, almost 2 kilometers long, in the bay so shallow that you have to walk 100 metres before the water rises more than a half metre. A short break in Lopar is followed by a ride along an attractive section through small settlements and fields over rural roads and the former Roman road, and a descent towards the old town of Rab.



Check out after breakfast and catch the ship to return to the mainland. 

What's included?

  • 5 overnights in a standard double/twin room in the Arbiana Heritage Luxury Boutique Hotel in Rab, with breakfast and tourist tax included
  • Bike trails maps and descriptions
  • Bike parking facilities and washing equipment
  • Kayak rental on Day 4
  • Trip preparation fee
  • VAT  

What's not included?

  • International airfare to and from Croatia
  • Transfer to/from arrival/departure points, and transfers not included in the itinerary - available on request
  • Ferry/catamaran tickets
  • Meals and services other than specified in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities (tips are always appreciated but not mandatory) 

Reductions and supplements

  • Supplement for Deluxe Double room with sea view – on request, depending on availability
  • Supplement for Single Use – on request, depending on availability
  • Supplement for bike rental (E-bike MTB Giant Fathom e+, MTB Giant Talon) – on request, depending on availability
  • Supplement for guidance by a professional biking guide - 220.00 € for 3 excursions according to the program 

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