You will certainly relax and enjoy yourself on boat rides around the island

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Nature & wildlife trip

Escape from reality to the island of Silba and find the true meaning of serenity

Not many places in the world can make you feel completely relaxed and full of good vibrations like Silba can. This small, pedestrianised island inspires you to connect all your senses with nature. You might even get a chance to throw fishing nets from a vintage boat and eat what you catch.

It begins the moment you set foot ashore, the moment you step off the boat; the perception of reality is changing. Motor traffic is not allowed on the island, so the only vehicles you'll encounter here are the mopeds of the postman and the water delivery man, while tractors can only be driven one hour before and after the arrival of the ferryboat. The locals use the so-called two-wheeled carts (karići) to transport goods, while during high season you aren't even allowed to ride bicycles. Have you ever been to a place like this? Now's your chance.

Trip highlights

  • Staying at a family-run inn, whose friendly landlady enjoys preparing delicious meals and desserts
  • Boat ride with your host, along the island's coastline, to see Roman sarcophagi beneath the sea and explore a secluded beach
  • Net fishing adventure in the sea, with your host, where you'll learn how to throw the fishing nets and haul them in
  • Canoeing to explore remote bays of the island
  • Speedboat excursion to the small island of Olib, which you can explore on foot

Trip availableAPR-JUN,
Duration7 days
Suitable for2-6 people
SupportNot guided
Price per personfrom 312.00 €
Great for
  • Couples without children
  • Hikers
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Family guesthouse
Trip designed by Marija Mance

Experienced tour guide and a passionate explorer of hidden treasures of Croatia

Activities are taking place on the island of Silba

Silba's landmark, approximately 15m high hexagonal tower with spiral staircase is called Toreta, Marinic tower or Tower of love. It offers a beautiful view – from the top you can see the nearby islands of Olib and Premuda, as well as the ones a bit more far away, like Lošinj, Ilovik and even Pag. Toreta is located very close to the centre, near the local post office. It was built in the 19th century by Captain Petar Marinić, and legend has it that it was in memory of an unforgotten love.

The story of Toreta is not the only romantic thing about this island – just go to one of the small pebbly beaches, or watch the sunset from the pier and you'll see the romance is everywhere.

The fragrant medicinal herbs grow half-wild or are grown naturally in an eco-friendly garden in the pristine island surroundings. In the springtime, many of the locals bring fresh seedlings and tend to their gardens, while keeping in mind that the most valuable plants grow autonomously and transform the island into a true Mediterranean oasis.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Silba

The family-run Fregadon inn is located on the south-west side of Silba, in the only inhabited place on the island, just 50m from the passenger port. You will be greeted by the friendly hosts in the harbour and escorted to your cosy room. Your perfect holiday may begin. Unpack and prepare for dinner.

Food tip

Mrs. Jagoda, Fregadon's landlady, is the queen of desserts. Each day you can choose between several home-made pies and cakes – the problem is, all of them are amazing.

Day 2

Boat ride and hidden beaches

Your breakfast is served, but it's not just breakfast when it's prepared by your hardworking hosts. They got up at 5.30 to bake the bread, make some pancakes or old-fashioned cheese pie and set the buffet table. Make sure to enjoy your meal on the quiet terrace and then it's time to take a short boat ride with your host – go on a tour of the coast and take a look at the sarcophagi beneath the sea, the first indication of the ancient Roman empire presence on the island. You are bound to spot a gorgeous secluded beach where you can go for an afternoon swim, or just for relaxation, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature. After an easy-going day, dinner will be waiting for you at the inn. Overnight stay.


Try to become aware of the (absence of) sounds that surround you and you’ll realise that all you hear are crickets, birds and waves.

Day 3

Exploring the island

After breakfast, you can continue the tour of the island. You can borrow walking sticks and head to any side of the island – it's perfect for walking, there are no dangerous animals and the highest peak is 83m high. Silba is well-known for its self-seeding plants that come in different forms and range from macchia to exceedingly thick evergreen oak forests. You just might stumble upon wild rabbits here as well! The fragrant medicinal herbs grow half-wild or are grown naturally in eco-friendly gardens in the pristine island surroundings. Provided the owner is present, and usually that is the case, we will arrange a visit to one of the family farms on the island where you will be given a presentation of medicinal creams and ointments, as well as other products made from medicinal herbs. If you're looking for a truly authentic souvenir, you'll definitely find one here. Keep enjoying the rest of your day by taking in the scents of nature mixed with the sea air, which will benefit your health. Dinner and overnight stay.


Ask your hosts about the best hiking trails on the island and spend some time walking in nature.

Day 4

Net fishing and canoeing

Weather permitting, your hosts will take you fishing after breakfast in the morning or in the late afternoon. You will be able to see how to throw the fishing nets or haul them in again. This is a part of everyday life on the island, and a special experience for everyone who is not used to this lifestyle. For the rest of the day, you'll have a canoe at your disposal, which you can take to the more remote bays – you can count on your hosts to give you some good advice. After an action-packed day, take a break, have dinner and get a good night's sleep.

Day 5

Excursion to the island of Olib

After breakfast, you will be leaving Silba for a while. Don't worry, it won't be a long trip since you'll remain within the Zadar Archipelago. The Zadar Archipelago is the name of the group of islands spread across northern Dalmatia in the vicinity of the city of Zadar. It is a unique phenomenon comprising over a hundred islands and islets in a relatively small area. The smaller islands are the most fascinating as they provide a multitude of sceneries and authentic natural environments unspoilt by man. One such island is Olib, which is literally deserted during the winter. You will reach this little piece of heaven by speedboat at the previously arranged time and disembark in Olib, the only settlement on the island. Take a stroll to the secluded bays near the village and take home with you valuable souvenirs from the island, such as home-made oil, wine or cheese, which you can obtain from the locals. Return to Silba by speedboat. Time for rest, dinner, overnight stay.

Day 6

Little secrets of the great (Master)Chef

Breakfast. Make the most of the day by relaxing and enjoying yourself, taking a walk by the sea or along the island's nature trails. For a memorable send-off, your hosts will demonstrate how to make traditional Dalmatian treats: fritule (doughnuts) and kroštule (deep-fried pastry) and if you're really persuasive, they might just let you in on the secret recipe. Dinner. Overnight stay.


Almost all places in their legends have a love story everyone knows… Find out about local legends and climb the Toreta – the Tower of lovers.

Day 7

So long Silba

Breakfast and check-out, unless you decide to extend your stay for one more day. Hopefully, looking back on your time spent on Silba will evoke images of surrendering to nature and achieving inner peace.

What's included?

  • 6 overnight stays at the 3-star Fregadon inn, room with a terrace, shower and toilet, air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV, Wi-Fi
  • Tourist tax
  • Breakfast (every day 09.00-11.00) – buffet consisting of various hot and cold beverages, spreads, cheeses, salami, ham, eggs, home-made bread
  • Dinner (every day 18.00-21.00) – three menus available daily (meat, seafood and vegetarian) consisting of starters, main course with side dish, salad and dessert
  • Boat tour of the coast and the sarcophagi beneath the sea, fishing (depending on the weather conditions)
  • Visit to a family farm and a presentation of products made from medicinal herbs (depending on availability)
  • Return transfer to Olib island
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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