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Explore Dubrovnik county on a guided bike adventure

Take moderate-difficulty bike rides on dirt roads through rural hinterland settlements, and bike through quiet forests and secluded beaches of the Elaphiti Islands. And, of course, enjoy all the Greek, Roman and other Mediterranean specialties that you’d like (we know that’s what you’re really after).

There is probably no need to write too much about Dubrovnik – everybody already knows about this fabulous town and its rich history. But have you ever wondered where do all the fragrant oranges and other citrus fruits that thousands of tourists eat come from? Where are the vineyards and olive groves which enable the supply of precious liquids? The answer is Konavle region, a small region located southeast of Dubrovnik. Yes, you guessed right, we'll take you there.

And are there any islands off the coast of Dubrovnik worth a visit? Of course there are. There is a small archipelago consisting of several islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik called the Elaphiti Islands or the Elaphites. And just Northwest of the Elaphites is the Mljet National Park, the oldest marine protected area in the Mediterranean. Oh yes, we'll take you there too.

Trip highlights

  • Biking along Dubrovnik Riviera, a dirt road route through more than a few small villages
  • Biking through the National Park Mljet, visiting saltwater lakes and riding through a deep pine forest
  • Biking on two Elaphiti Islands: along scenic paths of Koločep, and to an attractive sandy cove on Lopud
  • Biking on Srđ hill, dirt road route through villages and Medena valley
  • Biking in Konavle, dirt road route along cypress tree forests, vineyards and olive groves

Trip availableAPR-OCT
Duration8 days
Suitable for4-16 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 1,293.00 €
Great for
  • Anyone who loves biking on dirt roads
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 3-star hotel in Dubrovnik
Trip designed by Zoran Ateljević

Licensed mountain guide and rescuer, adventurer who can handle most things nature throws at him

Activities are taking place in Dubrovnik county, including Elaphiti Islands

Srđ is a low mountain with a peak height of 412 meters that dominates Dubrovnik and offers most spectacular views that stretch from Dubrovnik to the Elaphite Islands. 

The hill was once forested with oak trees which locals called dubrava (from the old Slavic word dub, "oak tree"), after which the city of Dubrovnik was named. Its top is adorned with Fort Imperial, completed in 1812 by Napoleon’s occupying soldiers. It was one of only three fortresses that protected the city outside of the main defense walls. At some point in the 80’s it served as a discotheque, before being used as a military base again during the war in the 90’s and today it houses the Museum of Croatian War of Independence.

If you are into seafood, Dubrovnik is a great place for you. Fresh local seafood can be found in many places, both in the Old Town (if you prefer fine dining) and in Gruž, Lapad or Babin kuk neighborhoods (if you prefer casual dining).

Mljet is the first larger island you come upon while sailing the Croatian Adriatic from the direction from south to north and one of the most beautiful islands along the Croatian Adriatic coastline. It was discovered by ancient Greco-Roman geographers, who wrote the first records and descriptions around the 6th century BC. Perhaps the most famous story about the island of Mljet is the legend of Odysseus. The ancient Greek poet Homer wrote about Mljet in Odyssey and the story states that his ship was destroyed in heavy seas and he swam for his life to the nearest land.

Today, parts of the island are protected as a National Park, including the western part of the island, the Big Lake, the Small Lake and Soline Bay.

Day-by-day itinerary


Welcome to Dubrovnik

Transfer from Dubrovnik airport to the city of Dubrovnik. Check-in. If it's not very late, go to the Old town and take a walk along Stradun street or have dinner in one of the taverns.


Tour of Dubrovnik and biking on Srđ hill

Start your day with a good breakfast and proceed to a guided walking tour of Dubrovnik during which you will learn about the city’s history. Your guide will take you to visit Dubrovnik’s Maritime Museum located in St. John’s fort. It was rebuilt after a heavy earthquake which damaged it in 1979, reopened in 1986 and displays 4,000 works that illustrate the naval history of Dubrovnik and its surrounding area. After that, you will visit the Rector's Palace (15th century) which has been the seat of the government of formerly independent Republic of Dubrovnik (abolished by Napoleon in 1808). Your tour will continue through Sponza Palace, famous for its atrium and carved stone columns, the elegant cathedral built on the ruins of a 12th century church etc.

After getting to know the town of Dubrovnik, it's time to take a look at it from a completely different perspective – from the Srđ hill. And enough walking – get on your bikes and cycling can finally start in front of Fort Imperial. Dirt road ride takes you through the untouched nature near the Strinjčera Fortress towards the picturesque village of Bosanka. After a short break, cycling continues along Medena dolina (Honey Valley) towards the village of Brgat and beautiful St. Ana church. That is your ultimate destination for the day from where you will be transferred back to Dubrovnik, but not before your guide takes you to a local tavern Popret to try some of the specialities of the area.

  • Route grading: moderate
  • Distance: cca 10 km


Biking in Konavle

Throughout centuries, the region of Konavle has managed to maintain a traditional lifestyle along with many chapels, cloisters and summer houses that once hosted the aristocracy of Dubrovnik.

Your biking excursion starts after breakfast and takes you through an oasis of vineyards and olive groves, as well as charming villages that still reflect the traditional culture of old Dubrovnik.

The route will start from the village of Čilipi towards Cadmos Village. Cypress trees, forest, vineyards and olive groves decorate the paths overlooked by the magnificent mountain of Sniježnica and Soko fort, dating from the medieval Dubrovnik Republic.

After a short break and enjoyable view from the tree hut in scenic Cadmos Village, you will cycle towards the village of Ljuta. You will have the opportunity to discover an old watermill where a local expert will explain the traditional way of making flour. Enjoy a welcome drink with local brandy in front of the mill, snack on local delicacies and sip some local wine to celebrate a successful biking. Transfer to the hotel.

  • Route grading: moderate
  • Distance: cca 18 km


Biking on Elaphiti Islands

You will get to know two Elaphite islands, Koločep and Lopud. Koločep, locally known as Kalamota, is one of the Elaphite Islands west of Dubrovnik. You’ll reach it by boat from Dubrovnik harbor which will take you to the port of Donje Čelo. Your first activity will be biking along scenic paths of this charming island.

Next on your itinerary is a boat ride towards the island of Lopud. According to archaeological findings, Lopud has been inhabited for thousands of years. It is home to many ancient Greek, Roman, and Slavic buildings and ruins and covered in lush pine forests (Aleppo, coastal and pine groves) and Mediterranean maquis. The route will start from the village of Lopud and take you to the southeast side of the island and an attractive sandy cove with famous Šunj beach. After that you will have snacks and refreshments in the Robinzon tavern and slowly head back to the city of Dubrovnik by boat.

  • Route grading: moderate
  • Distance: cca 10 km


Relaxing and discovering Dubrovnik

Sleep longer, enjoy your breakfast and take some time for yourself, stroll through the narrow streets of Dubrovnik Old Town, buy some souvenirs and visit one of the museums... But don't forget to take a walk along Dubrovnik city walls. Walking the Dubrovnik Walls is one of the best ways to see the city. The walls that surround the historic centre are almost 2 km long and you will need around 2 hours to walk the whole circle. You will surely want to have a drink after a walk, so go to one of many cafés, relax and prepare for the activities of the next day.


Exploring Dubrovnik Riviera on a bike

Dubrovnik Riviera is a small region located northwest of the city of Dubrovnik. This biking adventure will take you through the hidden villages of this interesting region – you will visit small villages in the hinterland like Osojnik, Kliševo, Gromača etc., and some of the small seaside settlements located on the magistral road like Trsteno. Trsteno is a charming coastal village which hosts a beautiful arboretum with an impressive 15th century renaissance summer villa and a garden which has been maintained from then to present day. Snacks and refreshments await in Gastro Vista tavern. Full of impressions from the villages and the arboretum, you will return to Dubrovnik.

  • Route grading: moderate
  • Distance: cca 20 km


Mljet National Park biking

After breakfast and a nice morning boat ride from Dubrovnik to Pomena, a scenic port located on the west end of the island, your Mljet biking discovery can begin. The Island of Mljet is Croatia's greenest island and is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands too, with its Mediterranean vegetation, clear sea and a wealth of underwater sea life.

Your biking tour will begin in the Mljet National Park. You will pass by two saltwater lakes, the most visited attractions on the island and then cycle to the central part of the island to explore the deep pine forests and pristine natural surroundings. After exploring the island you will head towards the port of Sobra and embark the boat for your return to Dubrovnik.

All of the locals of the island will tell you that there's a cave here that saved Odysseus after he was shipwrecked returning home from the Trojan Wars. Maybe we can not be sure if this is true, but we are sure that this island is special and that you will want to return after you experience the majesty of this gem.

  • Route grading: moderate
  • Distance: cca 15 km



Breakfast and check-out, transfer to the airport – depending on the flight schedule.

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