During the seminar, you will do various breathing technique exercises, read selected texts, and the instructor will introduce you to the ritual’s history

Photo: Neven Carin
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Health & wellness trip

Fire-walking challenge — conquer your fear, get mentally stronger

A four-day workshop in the natural surroundings of the Žumberak region supervised by an experienced instructor, will help you conquer by fire-walking your primal human fear of fire, and help you get mentally stronger to cope with daily life stressful situations and challenges

There are many theories aiming to explain the fire-walking phenomenon, but all of them present a weak solace when it comes to standing in front of a bed of hot stones and feeling the heat you are about to step on. When you prepare mentally you will realise you are capable of bridging many other life challenges as well.

The fire-walking ritual is one of the most ancient rituals believed to purify mind, body and soul. Many cultures have performed it from time immemorial, it is gladly performed today to strengthen self-confidence and build team spirit, and the corporate world has applied it as well.

Trip highlights

  • Intense fire-walking seminar with experienced instructor
  • Visit to the church of St. Mary of Okić
  • Visit to the mineral water source
  • Learning about healing herbs and preparing own tea
  • Meditation with the church bells ringing

Trip availableJAN-DEC
Duration5 days
Suitable for2-8 people
SupportFully guided
Price per personfrom 536.00 €
Great for
  • Culture and history lovers
  • CEO
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Mountain House Carin
Trip designed by Isabella Gulić

Tourist guide and explorer in love with art, legends and fairy tales. Passionate about creating something new, with a twist of unusual

Activities are taking place in Žumberak Region

Žumberak is a hilly north-western Croatian region, scarcely inhabited, but incredibly abundant in historical and natural beauties. A great number of archaeological sites reveal that Žumberak and its surrounding area have been inhabited since ancient times. You will find interesting the ruins of medieval towns of Tuščak, Old Town Žuberak, and Okić.

On Žumberak, you can see a great number of wooden houses, archaic working tools, and get to learn about the old crafts and see ancient writings. The abundance of flora and fauna, as well as many water sources, represent a true wealth of this region.

Day-by-day itinerary


Arrival and meeting your host

Arrival at the accommodation around 12.00. After check-in, you will have time to meet your instructor and the host. You can agree to go for a walk together or just hang out and meet each other in the natural surroundings of the accommodation site. The dinner will be served at 19.00. After dinner, rest.


Grgosova Cave is a protected geomorphological natural monument, considered by many to be the most beautiful cave in north-western Croatia. While here, taste the local specialties at the restaurant “Kod špilje” (“At the cave”). Cave entrance tickets can be bought onsite. The program does not include the optional lunch at this restaurant.


Fire-walking day, but only if you dare!

Breakfast between 8.00 and 9.00. If agreed with the instructor and the host, you can take a short walk or meditate. You should eat light before the seminar which starts at 14.00 and lasts until midnight. During the seminar, you will do various breathing technique exercises, read selected texts, and the instructor will introduce you to the ritual’s history and the places where it is performed. At 21.00, you will have the opportunity to decide whether you want to walk the fire yourself, in an event with traditional Croatian food. This is followed by a celebration lasting at least until midnight and the bravest ones, those who walked on fire, receive certificates.


A stroll through Samobor will take you to some other times, ancient ones, as its well preserved architecture hasn’t changed for centuries.


Walking tour and picking healing herbs

The walking tour starts after a plentiful breakfast, usually served when it suits you best, but today it is served until 11.00. You will visit an old water source on Okić Mountain which abounds in minerals. You will also visit the church of St. Mary of Okić and get to explore and pick the healing herbs, and later in the evening prepare yourself a tea. Lunch is at 15.00, followed by rest, and the dinner will be served at 19.00.


Excursion to Žumberak

Today, breakfast is served a bit earlier, from 7.00 to 8.30, and we will start our trip at 9.00. The trip includes a walking tour on Žumberak Nature Park, a bath in the warm water of St. Jana source, a visit to ancient churches, and meditation with the church bells ringing. Lunch is at 17.00, after which we go back to the accommodation. Dinner and rest.


The Museum of Samobor is small, but its collection is very diversified. You can find bits of everything: the history of Samobor, ancient documents, art. The museum is closed on Mondays and you can buy entrance tickets onsite.

Day 5

It is time to say goodbye

After breakfast at 8.00, it is time for check-out and departure. Have a safe trip back home.


You are close to Zagreb, a city most definitely worth the visit.

What's included?

  • Accommodation in Mountain House Carin, double bedroom standard, 4 overnight stays with FB service
  • Tourist tax
  • Walking tour
  • All-day excursion to Žumberak
  • Transport for 8 pax
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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