You and your kids will learn how to create and narrate a story while enjoying in unspoiled nature

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Nature & wildlife trip

Storytelling workshop for parents and children in Velebit Nature Park

In the heart of Velebit Nature Park, a professional storyteller and storymaker, Srebrenka Peregrin, will narrate the most famous Croatian fairy tales and legends. She will then teach you how to create and narrate a story of your own and help you develop your potential through her own interactive storymaking workshop.

Go back into childhood and enjoy opening a treasure chest full of stories in the heart of Velebit. Feel as you have been taken into a different time and place, as Srebrenka Peregrin tells you the most beautiful and interesting stories. The environment itself is already a storyteller, so there is no better place to be joining fairies, trolls, heroes, goblins, and all the inhabitants you can imagine living there. Take a ride to another dimension and world, with your child, hand in hand. As Croatia is rich in cultural heritage, there are so many stories and fairy tales to be told. Srebrenka is a professional narrator and an English teacher as well. She has been writing and translating for more than 20 years, and in this process, she discovered a narrative, interactive art of storymaking. There is no better vacation for you and your children than one spent as an explorer of a treasure chest full of beautiful fairy tales, legends and stories.

Trip highlights

  • Exploration of Velebit, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Evening fairy tales around open fire
  • Creative workshop for children, based on a fairy tale
  • Narration workshop for adults
  • Outdoors fun for the whole family

Trip availableAny time of year
Duration3 days
Suitable for2-28 people
SupportFully guided
Price per personfrom 875.00 €
Great for
  • Fairy tales and legend lovers
  • Couples with children
You’ll be accommodated in
  • Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch standard double room
Trip designed by Isabella Gulić

Tourist guide and explorer in love with art, legends and fairy tales. Passionate about creating something new, with a twist of unusual

Activities are taking place in Velebit Nature Park

Velebit Mountain, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978, has two national parks: Paklenica National Park in the south, and Northern Velebit National Park in the north. Northern Velebit is the youngest of eight national parks in Croatia and represents a true patchwork of the most diverse habitats that are home to many plants, fungi and animal species. It holds great diversity of karst formations, wildlife and landscape, to a large extent created by man.

As Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is located within Velebit Nature Park, its operations and sustainable development policies are governed by the principles of biosphere reserve. To that extent, a new concept was created – CIDER (Community, Integrity, Development, Evolution and Responsibility) – where the human creates balanced and integrated living systems for all creatures.

Croatians have their own writer of folk stories, Ivana Brlić – Mažuranić, often compared to Hans Christian Andersen. She is often praised in Croatia and internationally as the best Croatian children’s literature writer.

Day-by-day itinerary


Get to know me through a story

Arrival at 15:00. Greet your fellow campers with a story of your choice, serving as an introduction to your new friends. Meet your narrator and coach at your workshops and have a dinner together. Did you know that there are versions of Grimm stories with a Croatian twist? You will learn more about them...


At your retreat, enjoy yoga, wellness and restorative treatments, for a surcharge. The facilities include outdoor treatment room, yoga room, Siberian cedar hot tub, swimming pool and outdoor lounge spaces – everything you need to nurture your mind, body and soul.


The Magic Cave

Start your day with an energising breakfast, as you will take a 30-60 min walk to the Magic Cave. We will choose the most suitable route depending on children’s age. As you enter the Magic Cave, you immerse yourself in 2 to 3 hours of storytelling.

After lunch, you can rest, walk, and enjoy the natural environment. And after the evening dinner, it’s time to sit around fire and hear some amazing stories, fairy tales, legends. Who knows where they might take you.


There are hundreds of “holes” on Velebit, and the mountain is known as a “home” to the largest and deepest caves in Croatia. The three-part Lukina Jama cave is 1392 m deep, making it one of the deepest caves in the world.


Time to be creative

After breakfast, you will take part in a workshop. The children will participate in a creative workshop of making a hand puppet or drawing some of the characters chosen from the preferred fairy tale, while the adults will take part in a narration workshop and learn how to tell a story. After lunch, you can enjoy riding a horse – by yourself, if you are comfortable, or accompanied by your host who will hold the saddle straps. There are ponies for children and you can also take a ride in a carriage. In the afternoon, we are saying goodbye as it is time to travel back home.


The original settlers, Illyrian tribe of Japods, inhabited Velika Plana around 8 000 B.C., and some ruins still remain in the valley. Until 1960s, the valley was home to about 700 inhabitants. There are currently only 20 inhabitants, mainly the elderly.

What's included?

  • Accommodation at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch Velika Plana,on Velebit, double bedrooms, single bedrooms, 2-night stay with all-inclusive service
  • Tourist tax
  • Workshop for children and adults, all materials included
  • Narrative storytelling
  • Horse riding, carriage rent
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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