You and your loved one will have a candlelight dinner at a table for two at one of the local restaurants

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Surprise your loved one with Valentine’s Day trip to Zagreb

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you are probably thinking about what to get your significant other. Maybe you're not particularly skilled with paper or not a very talented writer – or you just can't come up with an idea for a gift except for the cliche ones. If this is the case, we have just the thing for you – a romantic trip to Zagreb. Zagreb's hidden corners possess a unique charm, which is why there is no better place for two people to revel in romance. The Upper Town, King Tomislav Square, Zrinjevac, Maksimir and other beautiful parts of the city are perfect for creating memorable moments shared by just the two of you.

Every February 14, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged around the world between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. We invite you to spend the most romantic day of the year with more than flowers and cards, to enjoy a trip to Zagreb and celebrate your love in the most romantic places. There is nothing sweeter than strolling hand in hand with your loved one, stopping now and then to exchange kisses. Zagreb is one of Europe’s nicest walkable cities. 

Trip highlights

  • Private guided walking tour of Zagreb & visit to the Zagreb Eye viewpoint
  • Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at a table for two at a local restaurant
  • Private car tour for couples in an electric replica of the old Ford T automobile

Trip availableFEB
Duration3 days
Suitable for2 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 316.00 €
Great for
  • Couples withouth children
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 4-star hotel
  • classic double rooms
Trip designed by Vesna Luzar

Extremely versatile trip designer with an established career in travel business

Activities are taking place in Zagreb

Offer your heart to your loved one in Zagreb. There are lots of parks and the historical old town offers endless opportunities for romantic walks. And imagine, the Upper town still features romantic gas street lamps which are lit by hand every evening. Find a romantic selfie spot and a perfect stage for a kiss. Then, warm up at one of many cafés in the city and be ready for a romantic dinner.

If you wish to share your affection in the Croatian way, licitar is the way to go. It is a heart made from dough, coloured in vivid palette usually with glass ornaments. Have your names written in them and bring them home to cherish. And if you are looking to relax and reconnect, Zagreb is a beautiful city for a romantic break. Its central European charm and walkable historic core are offering many secluded places to hide and kiss...

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Zagreb from the Zagreb Eye viewpoint

Arrival to Zagreb. Hotel check-in. Catch your breath and then explore Zagreb – visit the Zagreb Eye viewpoint, where the two of you can smooch and cuddle as the magnificent view of the city unfolds below you. It is located in Ban Jelačić Square on the 16th floor at the very top of the Zagreb skyscraper at Ilica Street, where you have a view of many landmarks. If you’re curious about the landmarks, the staff will be happy to talk about them. In the evening, enjoy a candlelight dinner at a table for two at one of the local restaurants.


Valentine's Day originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus and, over time, became associated with romantic love. The most common Valentine's Day symbols are the heart, particularly in reds and pinks, and pictures or models of Cupid. Cupid is usually portrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people so people who have fallen in love are sometimes said to be struck by Cupid's arrow.

Day 2

Walking tour of the city and the romantic old automobile drive

Breakfast, followed by the city walking tour. You will visit Ban Jelačić Square , the Cathedral, the largest open-air market in Croatia – Dolac, the Stone Gate and the old part of the city, famous for its many legends and a rich history – the Upper Town. Stone Gate, Government Palace, Parliament, St. Mark's Church and Square are some of the sights worthy of your attention. See for yourself why Zagreb could easily have been the setting of “Love Story“, taking a romantic walk through the streets of the old town.

In the afternoon, you will go on a romantic drive in an environmentally-friendly electric replica of the old Ford T automobile. You will recognise your driver by his old hat and black cape. He will take you to an unforgettable ride through time to the days when the first cars hit the streets of Zagreb. It was a time when Ferdinand Budicki ushered Zagreb into a new era of technology and the first driver's license was issued to a woman, the highborn Alma Balley. The car tour lasts about an hour and includes the Upper and the Lower Town.


Zagreb has an original symbol for romance - The Šestine umbrella. The legend says that a young man came to a girl to profess his eternal love while it was raining. Hidden from the rain under a large black umbrella, the two passionately kissed. So strong was their love that their black umbrella turned red. The red umbrella has been made as a part of the folk costume since the mid 18th century. It is characterised by the red cotton canopy with multicolored horizontal stripes on the edges, thick wooden shaft and naturally crooked chestnut handle. Take a minute to inspect one!

Day 3

Goodbye Zagreb on the hugging bench

Breakfast and check-out. If you still have some spare time left, we recommend that you sit on one of the romantic benches and fill your heart with love! “Romantic Benches“ are a part of the Romantic Zagreb project whose goal is to place “love benches“ in the most attractive and romantic spots in Zagreb. Last three years, Zagreb was voted the best European Advent destination and maybe it will also become the most romantic destination in Europe. The first heart-shaped “hugging benches“ have been placed on Tkalčić Street and in front of the National and University Library next to the fountains. We trust that you have also picked out your favourite romantic spot. Who knows – if you come back next year, a romantic bench just might be waiting for you there! 

What's included?

  • 2 overnights with buffet-breakfast in a classic double room
  • Tourist tax
  • Dinner at the local restaurant (drinks are not included)
  • Private guided walking tour of Zagreb (cca. 1.5 – 2 hrs)
  • Private car tour in a replica of the old Ford T automobile
  • VAT and travel preparation

What's not included?

  • Admission to facilities
  • Optional amenities
  • Personal expenses

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