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Windsurfing on Pelješac, the peninsula of fine wine

The Pelješac channel is a dancefloor for windsurfers, as the sun caresses their faces all day long. Can you see yourself being one of them? And could you see yourself enjoying the lush flavors of finest Croatian red wines when you’re not surfing?

There is a place in the south of Croatia attracting true fans of water sports, unspoiled nature and fine wine. The Pelješac peninsula provides an abundance of sunny and windy days, which are perfectly suited for wine tours or windsurfing. 

Legend has it that Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, spent many hours a day at the gorgeous Pelješac wineries. We know for sure world champions had great windsurfing sessions in Viganj. Ride on the wings of the wind and savor the lush flavors of red wines – and then when the wind fully revs up, it's go time. The Pelješac channel is a dancefloor for an array of surfers riding their surfboards as the sun caresses their faces. Feel the wind in your hair and afterward surrender to the rhythm of the wine.

Trip highlights

  • Staying at an apartment by the beach and near the surfing centre
  • Beginner or advanced surfing lessons given by experienced instructors
  • Visit to 2 family farms, tasting of prosciutto, olives and cheese
  • Tours of 2 well known wineries, for tasting a total of 5 different premium local wine varieties paired with snacks
  • Enough free time for additional watersports, cycling or simply enjoying local food and wine

Trip availableMAY-SEP
Duration8 days
Suitable for2-8 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 499.00 €
Great for
  • Young couples
  • Small groups of friends
  • Families with children aged 7 and over
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 4-star apartment
Trip designed by Enrico Marotti

PWA & IFCA world-class slalom sailor, 8-time Croatian windsurfing champion

Activities are taking place on the Pelješac peninsula

The legendary winemaker Miljenko "Mike" Grgić became world famous after his wine's historic victory at the 1976 Judgement of Paris blind wine tasting competition. He worked at the Chateau Montelena Winery in California where he was responsible for making the multi-award winning Chardonnay. The showdown between the French and Californian winemakers was even shown on the silver screen. The movie Bottle Shock describes how the Californian winemakers got started, as well as their road to success. The sublime cast consisting of Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Bill Pullman and Rachael Taylor did a fantastic job of evoking this historic moment, which turned the winemaking industry on its head.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1


Welcome to Southern Dalmatia. Turn off your cell phones, log off from all the social networks and open your eyes wide. You're in for a thrilling week filled with exciting new experiences. Upon arrival to Viganj, you can check in at your apartment by the beach. In the late afternoon, you will be greeted by the friendly surfing centre team who will introduce you to the weekly itinerary. In the evening, you'll have enough spare time to take a stroll through the village and rest from your trip. We suggest that you go to bed early and have a good night's sleep so that you can be up and ready for a brand new surfing experience in the morning.

Days 2 – 5

Sunday – Wednesday

It's windsurfing time. The surfing centre is just a few minutes’ walking distance from the apartment and it is very well equipped. The wind is most favorable for beginners in the morning. You will learn the basic maneuvers in the light wind while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. Over the course of four days, you will have six hours' worth of lessons. Accept the challenge, bridle the wind and become a surfer. Feels great, doesn't it? Viganj is a surfing mecca with a specific microclimate characterized by the exchange of the east wind and the northwest maestral wind around lunchtime. Use this time to eat at the nearby restaurant with a sea view. At one point, everything will come to a halt and while you're completely enveloped in this silence, you will feel a light breeze brush against your skin signaling the arrival of maestral. The northwest wind attracts swarms of adrenaline water sports enthusiasts to the channel. If you're a more seasoned surfer, you will undoubtedly be thrilled with the surfing conditions, which last the entire afternoon. Experienced instructors hold advanced courses for all windsurfers looking to learn a bit more or to improve their skills required to tackle strong winds. The advanced course takes four hours to complete. You can end your day by unwinding in the centre's relax zone while listening to the soothing murmur of the sea.

Day 6


Feel free to sleep in and lounge in bed for a while. Today, we will take you to some of the best wineries on Pelješac. Our first stop will be a family farm, where you will get a real taste of the traditional local cuisine. Your hosts will offer you homegrown food from their own garden. We suggest that you start the day with some tasty snacks, such as prosciutto, olives and cheese.

After a tour of the donkey farm, we will be visiting a winery founded by the legendary winemaker Miljenko "Mike" Grgić. Mike became world famous after his Californian white Chateau Montelena wine won the 1976 Judgement of Paris blind wine tasting competition. Nestled between the blue sea and green forests, this winery offers an unforgettable wine tasting experience. We will then continue our trip by the sea and head towards a fantastic inn located in a small Pelješac village on the coast. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of the delicious and healthy Dalmatian cuisine. After lunch, we will sweeten your day with a visit to a gorgeous top-notch winery. This is a special place where you will see first-hand how fine wines are made. We will arrange a VIP tour of the winery for you, which includes the tasting of 3 premium wines and local delicacies. Do you feel that you've been spoiled? Well, you've earned it. In order to fully enjoy the excursion, we have organized you a transfer - since you will be drinking, it's best to have a private driver. Spend the evening in the comfort of your apartment, where you can regale the others with stories and anecdotes from today's trip.

Day 7


For the last day of your holiday, we can suggest another adrenaline-boosting activity. There is a family farm near Viganj, which offers a stunning view, excellent food and its own climbing area. We're inviting you to a morning workout in this well-maintained climbing area.If you decide to check out this well-maintained climbing area, don't worry, an expert guide will be accompanying you for the entire time to make sure you're safe. After successfully traversing the climbing routes, you can unwind in the relaxing environment of this picnic area. If you decide on an early lunch, we suggest the Mediterranean specialities whose aroma and taste will linger with you until you return home. Drop by the windsurfing centre's relax zone to soothe your body and soul. You can also rent windsurfing equipment on your own and show off the skills that you've acquired. Choose an activity to celebrate your perfect week in Southern Dalmatia. Spend your last night at one of the local restaurants and raise a toast to a swift return to Viganj. Good night.

Day 8


Time to check out of the apartment and head back home. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year and we wish you a safe trip home.

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