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Party Land buggy ride adventure near Zagreb outskirts

City breaks trip

Zagreb – city break with visits to adventurous outskirts

You’ll find that this city break of our capital is quite unusual: instead of getting to know just Zagreb, each day you’ll also get to experience adventurous activities on the outskirts.

If you want to put an end to monotony and try something more adventurous, this is the perfect opportunity for you. It is right up the alley for fans of SUVs, wild scenery, stunning nature and thrills. The steep mountain paths, the murmur of the waterfalls, the beauty of nature, the uncharted terrain, as well as homemade food and the simplicity of rural life beckon you on a wild adventure. All this is available during your stay in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and a charming Central European metropolis. We are certain that you won't be able to forget the time when you overcame your fears and found the courage that was hidden within yourself all along.

Trip highlights

  • A unique tour of Zagreb’s greater centre on Segways
  • Fun afternoon at an adrenaline park in the outskirts of Zagreb, with mini-jeep/buggy racing
  • Visit to the Nature park Žumberak (outside of Zagreb)
  • Visit to Mount Žumberak’s largest waterfall
  • Visit to Divlje vode, a bio-park with freely roaming domesticated animals

Trip availableAPR-OCT
Duration4 days
Suitable for2-4 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 531.00 €
Great for
  • Adventurers
  • Couples without children
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 4-star Hotel in Zagreb
Trip designed by Vesna Luzar

Extremely versatile trip designer with an established career in travel business

Activities are taking place in Zagreb and its surroundings

Find out all about how Zagreb got its name and what purpose the cannon in Lotrščak Tower serves.

Go to the Party Land Adrenaline Park in the vicinity of Zagreb, the perfect place for mini-jeep and buggy rides or try out to jump on the trampoline. Let 4X4 luxury SUV take you to Samobor and onto the “old road“ towards the more remote parts of Žumberak. Try a typical country “gablec“ and please your inner adrenaline junkie.

Day-by-day itinerary


Exploring Zagreb

Arrival in Zagreb and check-in at the hotel. We suggest that you take a short break and then take a stroll through the city, which welcomes you with an inscription on its coat of arms that shows the outline of the city with three white towers and wide open city gates. If you want to take a walk through nature, the Tuškanac park-forest is situated in the centre of Zagreb and just east of the cathedral you will find the Ribnjak Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the city, which got its name from a man-made pond that used to be located here.

However, if you prefer wheels to walking, we suggest that you go on a ride (surcharge) in the environmentally-friendly electric replica of the old Ford T automobile. You will recognise your driver by his old hat and black cape. He will take you on an unforgettable ride through time to the days when the first cars hit the streets of Zagreb. The car tour lasts about an hour and includes the Upper and the Lower Town.


The first driver's license in Zagreb was issued to a woman, the highborn Alma Balley.


Segway Tour, Adrenaline Park

After breakfast, we have a unique tour of Zagreb on Segways. Don't worry, the tour is appropriate for all ages! After a short Segway tutorial, you will receive a safety helmet and then go on the tour of the city in the company of a professional tour guide. You'll find out all about how Zagreb got its name and what purpose the cannon in Lotrščak Tower serves.

Afterwards, we'll take you to Zagreb Cathedral, show you the scale model of Zagreb and then we'll head to the renowned Tkalčić Street, take a ride to Lotrščak Tower and visit many of Zagreb's most famous attractions.

In the afternoon you will go to the Party Land Adrenaline Park in the vicinity of Zagreb, which covers approximately 20,000 m2. This is the perfect place for mini-jeep and buggy rides. You can also try out some jumping on the trampoline.

You can take a break after a 45-minute ride and then show off your military skill in a game of paintball. Afterwards, you will have deserved lunch, so we will take you to a nearby restaurant for a traditional homemade lunch (turkey from Zagorje with mlinci - flatbread, salad, bread, baked “štrukli“ – pastry filled with cottage cheese, drinks are not included). Return to the hotel.


"You can never have too much fun" is the motto of the Partyland, the state-of-the-art adrenaline park.


Adventure outside the city

Following breakfast you will be leaving the hotel at 9am in a 4X4 luxury SUV that will take you to Samobor and onto the “old road“ towards the more remote parts of Žumberak. The Žumberak Nature Park, which is situated in the picturesque Rakovica valley, is the site of the Divlje Vode (Wild Waters) Bio Park, where you'll get to experience nature at its wildest, achieve primordial harmony with nature and take in the traditional homely atmosphere and scents of the Wild West. Welcome drink (rakija).

Also located in the vicinity are the Old Town of Žumberak, a Celtic cemetery, a Roman necropolis and picturesque valleys with waterfalls. At cca. 11am you will arrive at the prehistoric archaeological site of Budinjak, which, together with the nearby Roman archaeological site in Bratelji, makes up the Archaeological Park, which you will pass through if you take the “Path of the Princes“.

During your break from sightseeing, you will have a typical country “gablec“ (snack). Afterwards, you will continue your drive and at approximately 12:30, you will reach the Sopot waterfall, Mount Žumberak's largest waterfall and one of the largest waterfalls in Croatia. The waterfall is situated 700 m above sea level on one of the initial forks of the Kupčina River, it is 40 m tall and consists of three cascades.

You will have a homemade lunch in the village of Sošica, after which you will head to the Brisalo waterfall in the deep valley of the Slapnica River, which is occasionally referred to as a canyon due to its depth. The waterfall is located on the tributary of the Duboki Potok River and falls from a 15 m high travertine cliff. During floods, it creates a unique ambience at its base, which is shaped like an amphitheatre.

You depart and pass through remote and semi-abandoned villages on the way to the valley before heading back to Zagreb via Jastrebarsko.


We recommend that you dress appropriately for the season, wear comfortable clothes and look up the weather forecast in advance.


Zagreb funicular

Breakfast and check-out. If you still have some spare time left, take a ride on the Zagreb funicular, which connects the Lower and the Upper Town at a length of 66 m, which makes this the shortest cable car ride in the world! If you happen to take the ride at around noon, don't be startled when the Grič cannon in Lotrščak Tower is fired, which is a true Zagreb tourist attraction. This just means that it is noon sharp – and in fact it is so precise that the people of Zagreb set their watches to the cannon shot.

What's included?

  • 3 overnight stays with breakfast in a classic double room at a 4-star hotel
  • Tourist tax
  • Guided tour of the city on Segways, short tutorial, safety helmet
  • Half-day excursion to the Party Land Adrenaline Park, mini jeep and buggy rides, trampoline, paintball with 100 pellets per person, lunch (drinks not included), hotel-Igrišće-hotel transfers, equipment included in the price: helmet, safety gloves and coveralls
  • Full-day excursion to Žumberak, including a ride in a 4X4 SUV, tour guide/ driver communicating in English or German, admission to the Divlje Vode Bio Park, welcome drink, “gablec“ (country snack), homemade lunch (drinks not included)
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

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