Our sustainability

We Care, Aspire and Inspire!

Our team is committed to the highest quality of sustainable customer & partner service, delivered with a sense of friendliness, personal pride, and company spirit.

We, as a team and as individuals, aim to make a positive impact through our value chain and customers, and across the travel industry and beyond.

These are four anchors of our sustainability strategy:

Small footprint

Reducing the environmental impact of travel

We focus on small groups (2-6 people) as well as FIT travel, where means of transportation are reduced to one vehicle (usually minivans or even hybrid cars) and put an emphasis on slow traveling - staying at one location to prevent a lot of moving around by car and the overall carbon footprint, but spending days filled with interesting activities.

Making a difference

Creating the positive change for residents and communities

The goal of our itineraries and our partnerships is to involve the local communities and have them support the regional and local development in the long run. Our employees, just like the great majority of our suppliers and local guides are local people. Our itineraries help guests build a local feel into their trip to better understand and connect with locals, striving to preserve tradition.

Leading the way

Pioneering sustainable tourism across the region

Our approach to sustainability is to minimise our negative impacts and maximise our positive ones for the long term benefit of all of our stakeholders. We tend to steer people off the usual mass tourism paths and into programs that benefit the local community without the mass impact. We make travellers aware of their environmental impact and make sure they get the greenest travel option reasonably possible. Each quarter, the entire team assembles, discussing what more can be done and the CEO gives the report on what has been done to increase sustainability.

Happy people

Creating the best place to work

We do our best to create a sustainable environment within our company where our employees are encouraged to use alternative means of transportation other than cars and we work from home on occasions to reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle as a regular practice and refrain from printing materials.There is no discrimination in hiring practices or gender pay gap. It is important to us that our employees and partners feel fulfilled and happy when they come to work and that is why work-life balance goes a long way in our collective.