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"I (We) can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and hours of planning to make our vacation perfect. Every stop, every driver, tour guide, tour, vista, restaurant was so perfect and beyond our expectations."

Amy Penn, USA
August 2023.

Our contact Marija was awesome. She kept us updated with real time information on drivers boats etc. All of the tours were great, we enjoyed everything. We so appreciate your experience & the care you put into planning our trip.

Beverly McAndrews, USA
September 2023.

Thank you so much for all of your work and being available to answer questions and coordinating each component! Can’t thank you enough for all of your help on this trip!

Stacee Wright & Stephanie Kapp, USA
October 2023.

Loved it!!! Our trip has been great and we enjoyed all the things we did and places we stayed!

Debra Moore, USA
July 2023.

Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing experiences you provided for us!! We feel truly blessed to have traveled with such fine attention to detail.

Stephanie Harris, USA
June 2023.

The trip to Croatia was wonderful! We really enjoyed it. The way you planned out the days was perfect. It wasn't rushed or anything like that. We really wish we had enough time to visit one of the islands, but maybe next time?

Glen Li, USA
July 2022.

Lovely country and great trip. We love it!!! We’ll come back, for sure. Thank you for everything! See you soon!

Roger Guevara, Venezuela
July 2021.

Your country is so clean and beautiful! The people are so friendly! We had such a lovely trip and can’t thank you enough for coordinating everything for our group.

Kellie Kifus & Jennifer Irish, USA
May 2023.

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