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Continental Croatia Yoga Galore with Trekking

Your retreat is set on an idyllic and supremely private location where you can enjoy the beauty of simplicity and reconnect with nature surrounded by orchards and lush greenery. Enjoy five days of exquisite combination of yoga and trekking, all while exploring some of the most spectacular locations set in nature of the Continental Croatia near the town of Karlovac.

Trip highlights

  • Daily integrated hatha and vinyasa yoga program sessions
  • 3 day trips combining conscious trekking and walking (Kamačnik canyon, Mrežnica river and Petrova gora hill)
  • Meditational techniques and sessions both on the estate and during day treks
  • Secluded and private location where you can enjoy the beauty in simplicity and reconnect with nature, surrounded by plum orchards and lush greenery
  • Grounding and relaxation techniques on day trips, in nature, with the use of etheric oils, message maps, etc.

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If you crave some time out, away from the buzz and grind of daily life and have a love of yoga, trekking, and nature then you are in the right place. This 5-day package set in the heart of Continental Croatia will give you a complete mind, body, and soul reset. 

Do enjoy the simple countryside life, the local products from nearby farms such as homemade jams, fresh cottage cheese or organic fruits and vegetables and most importantly – morning yoga sessions, yoga sessions in nature, pranayama breathing exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and a purposeful combination of conscious trekking and walking in nature (handpicked canyons, rivers and hill ranges). 

Yoga will be an integral part of these conscious treks. While walking the guide i.e. your yoga instructor and tour leader will apply breathing techniques - pranayamas, as well as certain asanas in order to warm up and prepare the body and mind for harmony and presence during trekking and walking intervals while stretching and relaxing fully at the end.

During each day trip, the yoga instructor will use additional methods to direct your attention to the present moment, increase conscious experience and relaxation (meditation while trekking and during breaks, use of essential oils, message cards).

Excursions and day trips have been carefully selected for people who are moderately active, with average physical aptitude and abilities and those that have relatively little mountaineering experience but have a passion for nature and hiking. The aim of this yoga retreat is to improve the quality of life, promote stays in nature and in the mountains and to carry out a mix of activities that deliberately connect nature and the human being.

There are many interesting places to visit and fun things to do while on Ekodrom estate. The city that “lies on four rivers”, Karlovac is half an hour away by car. Rivers Korana and Mrežnica offer many locations for swimming and water sports activities. Very popular national park Plitvice Lakes is just an hour away by car. Also, there are places close by where you can go horse riding or biking if you wish to extend your stay. The ones you will visit during the retreat:


This protected landscape can be found near Vrbovsko, in Gorski kotar mauntainous region on the way from Continental Croatia to the coast. The Kamačnik River canyon is a 3200 m long water course with a hiking trail that follows the crystal-clear rivulet surrounded by lush vegetation and a large number of protected animal species.

A walking trail, wooden bridges and galleries were all made in 1961. Kamačnik cut its gorge into the Velika Kapela massif. It cascades down the river Dobra since it was at its entrance turned into a lake by a dam.

Mrežnica River

The Mrežnica River is one of the four rivers that meet in Karlovac. Flowing in its green canyon and dammed by the natural waterfalls, it is perfect for swimming, paddling, and relaxing in nature. It springs near Slunj and flows through karst terrain until it joins Korana River.

Petrova gora

Petrova Gora (King Petar Svačić's Hill) is a hill range in central Kordun region of Continental Croatia, administratively part of Karlovac County. It extends northeast-southwest, some 25 kilometers along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a wooded and hilly area above Vojnić, with various points marked by historic importance, from king Petar Svačić’s grave, the underground partisan hospital from WWII, to the great monument on its top. Today, the main attraction is the Muljava hunting lodge and picnic area. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Introductions and a welcome to your estate and yoga retreat

After your arrival at the Zagreb International Airport or the Zagreb centre, your private group transfer awaits to take you and the other participants to Ekodrom estate, your base for this retreat with its bucolic scenery and cabins a bit to the higher end spectrum of the accommodation comfort level.

Depending on the arrival you will have a late afternoon walk and an inception yoga session in nature.

Short walking tour around the property follows, in addition to the breathing exercises (pranayamas) and stretching sessions on one of the surrounding meadows.

Dinner on the estate and an overnight stay.


A yoga and trekking combo along the Kamačnik canyon

An hour-long morning hatha yoga (on the terrace or in the hall, pending weather conditions) is the first thing to get your day going. After a homemade breakfast there will be a transfer and a hiking day tour to Gorski kotar region and the Kamačnik canyon. 

Your group and the yoga instructor-cum-guide will take a walk from Vrbovsko along the canyon to the Kamačnik spring at 410 metres above the sea level. You will tread through a tourist-built path through the forest, with yoga exercises during the trek. During one of the breaks you will take a time-out for refreshments i.e. packed lunch. Upon returning down to Vrbovsko your private minivan will transfer you back to the Ekodrom estate.

Dinner on the estate and an overnight stay.


Enjoy the local Mrežnica river coupled with relaxing yoga and meditation intervals

An hour-long morning hatha yoga (on the terrace or in the hall) is there to relax you just before a rich breakfast takes place. Afterwards enjoy the excursion to the Mrežnica river and its lush, green banks, some 30-40 minutes away from the estate. A walk by the river ensues, with guided yoga (a combination of hatha and vinyasa) and meditation sessions.

If temperatures and weather permit you can take a swim in the crisp and very clean waters of river Mrežnica, and afterwards enjoy your packed lunch box with organically prepared food as per your dietary choosing. Minivan will transfer you all back to the estate just in time to freshen up, change and head for homemade dinner.

Overnight stay on the estate.


Petrova gora hills and yoga sessions

Start off your day right with a morning hatha yoga (a combination of vinyasa) on the terrace or the studio hall depending on the current weather conditions.

Fuel up during a scrumptious breakfast before your half-day trip to Petrova gora/hillside, at some 20-minute drive in your minivan from the estate. There you will trek along the educational forest trail encumbering conscious walking and meditation on the fly with guided instructions.

A 15-minute yoga stretching at the end of the tour will circle down the whole outdoors experience. Transfer back to the estate for a lunch there in the great company of the estate hosts, your instructor, and other participants. Late afternoon free and on your own - you can walk around the estate, enjoy the garden there, take some plum slivovitz (schnapps) or just relax with a book, meditate or even mingle with the rest of the group. Dinner will be served on the estate followed by an overnight stay there.


Departure from the estate to Zagreb

Final morning yoga session before your breakfast and a check-out. Say bye to your friendly estate hosts. The group will gather to be transferred back to Zagreb (or Zagreb airport) depending on the group’s flight schedules and departure plans. You get to enjoy the green pastures and the surrounding nature on your way to Zagreb before saying farewell to Croatia.

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