Health & wellness trip

Healthy weekend break at Kvarner; discover and recover

Kvarner is an inestimable combination of sea, islands, and highlands in an exceptionally small space. In just one day you can sail by boat or swim in the sea and then enjoy in the shadow of the near-by woods in the hinterland. It’s easily accessible, well connected with motorways, planes, ships, and bus lines. Ideal as a weekend destination for all generations. Enjoy Kvarner, so close and yet so different from your daily routine.

Trip highlights

  • Visiting places that regular tourists often don’t have the chance to see and experiencing fantastic views
  • Hiking through the rough and authentic environment
  • Outdoor picnic, home-made dinner in a family-run tavern, tasty barbecue “Balkan-classic”
  • Private tours led and supervised by the experienced mountain guide (UIAA certified)
  • Everyday use of relax and spa zone in the hotel   

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Discover the beauties of the Opatija Riviera, its unique churches, villas, and beautifully arranged parks. Explore Mount Učka, a fairy-tale made of trees and hidden places by hitting marked and unmarked trails. Enjoy unforgettable sights of Cres, a preserved island full of mesmerizing landscapes and tranquillity, and reach out to secluded bays and beaches.

Experience the Mediterranean, the tradition of this region, its natural beauties which have been attracting visitors for hundreds of years, its gastronomy based on local ingredients and "little secrets" passed on from grandmother to grandchild.   

Kvarner region is among the best destinations for combining active holidays and gastronomic enjoyments. 

Here Austrian kings and emperors used to come, have their holidays, enjoy the mild climate and environment, and many villas, promenades, and parks in Opatija Rivijera recall those days and the place where modern Croatian tourism started.

Admire the marvellous nature and landscapes, crystal clear sea, tasty local food, and great company of our guide.  

Day-by-day itinerary


Arrival to Kvarner and Opatija

Welcome! Upon arrival, check-in at a 4-star hotel situated in Opatija, free time to freshen up and get ready for the days ahead.

There is no better way to get a feel for the soul of this region than to take a leisured walk of the town with a local guide. Your guide will meet you in front of your hotel and take you to an evening stroll through Opatija's romantic promenades and streets. Discover for yourself why Opatija has been one of the most popular destinations for sightseeing in Croatia since the 19th century when the Habsburgs turned it into one of Europe’s most popular destinations where nobles and aristocrats enjoyed in moments of peace far from their courts and daily politics.

Walking through Opatija is a „wellness experience“ by itself. The fresh air filled with the gentle taste of aerosol rich in iodine and sea salt is the perfect recipe for health, and it was recognized 130 years ago when Opatija received the title of a royal sanatorium. Walking along the boardwalk Lungomare the entire wellness experience is enhanced with a view of the bay and the sea waves crashing on the rocks on one side and the Art-deco villas built by famous Viennese architects on the other.

You will start from Slatina toward Volosko and get to know many of the highlights of Opatija such as the Maiden with the Seagull – the famous background for many touristic photographs. Amongst them are the Angiolina botanical gardens and the villa carrying the same name in its centre, the starting point of the tourism story for Opatija where the Croatian Museum of Tourism is situated today.

To get ready for the active days ahead, enjoy the hotel spa and relax zone and have a nice dinner at the hotel. Evening at leisure. Overnight in Opatija.


Mount Učka hike - Hills to Sea trail

We hope your breakfast was great and you are ready for hiking. Beside your hiking equipment, don’t forget to take your swimsuit. Your guide will meet you in front of the hotel.

You will be on the trail no later than 9:00 a.m. The trail starts at Poklon (922 m). The route will lead through forest and meadows until reaching a 1,012 m high hilltop sloping down into the sea. On the way to this point (Babin grob), you will pass through the beautiful landscape of Učka Nature Park.

On the hilltop, gaze at the rich opening before you and have some rest.

From Babin Grob, you will take a trail descending via east slope of Učka down to Medveja, a strip of coast with a beautiful beach. A definite highlight is to enter the sea right after the hike. If you consider yourself a die-hard outdoorsman, you can swim in the sea in the wintertime as well. It is a vigorous experience!

Please note, some previous downhill hiking experience is recommended. The lower section of the route has hundred-year-old stone stairs that you should take on your way down to the coast.

There is no backbreaking tempo however, and you rest a lot. Special attention is paid to scenic routes.

Optional: After the hike is over, your guide can take you to the tavern offering home-made specialities and a spectacular view. You can have a beer with some snacks, or rum punch or tea with homemade strudel. 

Return to the hotel, dinner in the hotel restaurant. Mitigate possible muscle fatigue from hiking by taking the relaxation session at the spa and relax zone in the hotel. Overnight.

  • Starting altitude: 922 m
  • Highest peak: 1,012 m
  • Altitude change: 90 m ascent, 1,012 m descent
  • Hiking distance: 14 km/8.7 miles
  • Activity time: 8 hours (4 hours of hiking, 2 hours of breaks, 2 hours of the tavern time)


Cres island hike

Today we start early, with an early breakfast. Your guide will pick you up in front of your hotel at 6:45 a.m.

The boat ride starts from Lovran at 7:00 a.m. to the northeast side of the island of Cres.

Beside your hiking equipment, don’t forget to take your swimsuit and sunscreen.

You will dock in the village of Beli from where you set off on foot at 9:00 a.m. from the coast up to the north tip of the Tramontana ridge. This is not a demanding tour, but it is not negligible either. Certain physical fitness is required. This hike can be particularly challenging at the height of the summer when it’s hot and when in principle this tour is off. The tour is designed for pleasant temperatures of early and late spring, early and late summer, fall, and early winter.

Accompanied by your local guide, you will walk up for about 2,5 hours before getting to the ridge. Walking on it, you will see that the ridge is a mixture of dense forest patches and barren lands, with beautiful views of the east coast and the Adriatic Sea. Along the way, you will probably see wild animals, sheep herds, and there is a possibility to see griffon vultures as well. You’ll be passing by wooded areas alternate with rocky clearings, and such a landscape will be repeated back and forth to the highest part of the ridge (Sis, 639 m) from where you descend to the south side of the ridge and the narrowest belt of the island Cres.

You will walk along the ridge for 2 hours before descending (30-minute walk) to the altitude of 370 m, where a van will pick you up and drive to Dragozetići village (274 m). From the village, you have some half an hour on foot to a quiet and beautiful beach where a boat is waiting for you. You will be met by our captain and a lunch – barbecue. For vegetarians, we have a veggie option.

The trail is unmarked, and the path is relatively easy, but in some places, the hike will include rocky terrain. There you will need to take extra care on your step and keep stability. You will have several breaks during the walk, the pace is light and relaxed. At one of the stops along the way, you will take a picnic break. The picnic features delicious homemade food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

You will swim in the bay after the hike, eat and slowly head back towards Lovran, where you will dock around 7:00 p.m.

Upon arrival to the hotel, time for dinner in the hotel restaurant. If you are willing, make sure you enjoy the „chocolate factory“ in the Hotel Continental and their gastro souvenir of Opatija - the Kamelia cake based on the original Croatian Mediterranean fruits such as figs, almonds, raisins...

Overnight in Opatija.

  • Starting altitude: 0m
  • Highest peak: 639m
  • Altitude change: 1,182m (639m ascent, 543m descent)
  • Hiking distance: 10 km
  • Activity time: all-day activity. 5:00 hours of hiking. 2 hours of breaks incl. picnic. 1 hour on the beach incl. barbecue. 4 hours of the boat ride (in total to and from the destination)


Departure from Opatija

After breakfast, check out from the hotel. If you have spare time before leaving Opatija, check out the Green Market. A lively fruit and vegetable market is a great place to see how the locals shop and to pick up some fresh fruits for your trip.    

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