Health & wellness trip

Rejuvenate in Daruvar Spa like the Roman emperors

Relax and rejuvenate in Daruvar Spa, enjoy thermal waterpark, healing mud and get treated by de-stressing experts. Allow yourself to feel like a Roman emperor for a few days!

Trip highlights

  • Wellness treatments at the hotel: partial body massage, whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, aromatherapy, tanning salon, gym
  • Unlimited use of the therapeutic thermal water swimming pool
  • Walking tour of Julije's Park, one of the oldest therapeutic public gardens in continental Croatia
  • Visit to a Baroque castle of the Count Janković family overlooking the town centre

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Daruvar, the most beautiful small town in Continental Croatia has almost 2500 years of tradition in health tourism and offers excellent varieties of wellness treatments. It was the favourite destination for the Roman emperors, and it only got better over time. Now it’s your turn to try it.

The Daruvarske Toplice complex is located at the very heart of the historic public garden, just a few minutes walking distance from downtown Daruvar. Water treatments benefiting health were well known to Iassi tribes here almost 2500 years ago, later widely used by Romans and in the Middle Ages. In 1772, Daruvar stepped on the next level, and the town became a healing, leisure and recreation centre. Today, Daruvar Spa (Daruvarske Toplice) is a special health complex for rehabilitation and rejuvenation. Warm waters are also used in postoperative rehabilitation, treatment of inflammations, rheumatism, the trauma of bones, hips, head, spine, and locomotion. But they are equally popular for wellness treatments. 

Daruvar, nestled between the fragrant green vineyards and with parks in its very centre, has received numerous accolades as the most tidy and beautiful town in Continental Croatia.

During the Greco-Roman period Daruvar area used to be part of the Roman province of Pannonia, where a settlement by the name of Aquae Balissae (Latin for "strong springs") was erected due to the proximity of the thermal springs, which were often visited by Roman emperors. Today, it is a water oasis of the most beautiful small town in Continental Croatia.

The long tradition of health tourism in Daruvarske Toplice, a rich tourist offer, the Daruvar wine trail, Aquae Balissae Thermal Waterpark, well-tended public gardens and Roman Park, a forest in the heart of the city, all prove to be excellent reasons for visiting this town with a long urban tradition.

Make sure to visit the famous Daruvar wine routes and the oldest brewery in Croatia! Daruvar is known for wine growing and Sauvignon blanc is its most famous wine. It is green-yellow and sweet and pairs well with desserts.

The Daruvarske Toplice complex is surrounded by Julije's Park, one of the oldest protected parks in Croatia, stunning historic buildings, therapeutic thermal water springs, a forest park and numerous well-tended walking trails. Indulge in wellness treatments and the water oasis of the Aquae Balissae Thermal Park.

Day-by-day itinerary


Relax at the Wellness Zone

Arrival by own transportation in Daruvar and hotel check-in after noon. You can have a wellness treatment at the hotel: partial body massage, whirpool, sauna, steam bath, aroma therapy, tanning salon, gym or use of the swimming pool with thermal water.

Afterwards, you may also use (optional, payment on spot) the Aquae Balissae Thermal Waterpark, which is only 50 m away from the hotel.

Buffet-dinner at the hotel. Overnight.


City Tour, indulge in wellness treatments

After buffet-breakfast, you will have a tour of Julije's Park with English speaking guide,who will introduce you to all the peculiarities of the town. The Park is also called "the park of orchids", one of the oldest therapeutic public gardens in Continental Croatia, with public baths dating to the 18th and 19th century.

Trees, some of them more than 150 years old, flower parterres, stylistic characteristics of baroque and elements of English-style landscaping all adorn this unique park. Its present design has not changed since its establishment in relation to its basic, conceptual and stylistic design, which gives it a priceless historic and horticultural value.

The health resort has grown along with the construction of the baths, especially during the period of Anton's inheritors Izidor and Julius Janković. Today it contains 60 different plant species.

See Anton's Bath, the first bath building was erected upon Roman foundations, right at the well or the source of warm water. Count Anton Janković built Anton's Bath in 1762, which makes it the first bath building in the park. There is a covered and captured source of warm water called the Anton's Well where you will have the opportunity to enjoy drinking tea with thermal water.

After returning to the hotel you can indulge in wellness treatments: partial body massage, whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, aromatherapy, tanning salon or take a dip in the thermal water pool.

Buffet-dinner at the hotel. Overnight.


Horses stud farm (upon request, surcharge)

Buffet-breakfast and check-out . After breakfast you can visit a horses stud farm (upon request, surcharge), where you can go on an exciting horseback ride for beginners surrounded by tranquil nature and a friendly atmosphere and have a welcome drink.

Field-riding for advanced riders is also available.

Departure (on your own). 

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