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The Adriatic coast in Croatia boasts dozens of spectacular SCUBA diving sites with reefs, caverns and WWII wrecks.

Croatia is the place to see if you are into SCUBA diving

Scuba diving in Croatia has exploded in popularity the last 10 years even though diving clubs and centers have been on the Croatian coast since the 1950s. You'll now find diving clubs and centres on nearly every Croatian island as well as dozens of coastal towns.

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Do you like wine? Start planning a trip to Croatia!

Croatia has a lot to offer if you are into exploring quality wine varieties. It is abundant in small but quality local producers, with countless wine roads. Boasting a long history of Old World wine production from indigenous and international grape varieties, Croatia provides a mix of Mediterranean and Central European gastronomic and wine traditions.

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Elaphiti Archipelago - a getaway for wanderers and movie stars just across Dubrovnik

A short boat ride from Dubrovnik lie a few jewels for the curious travellers, the Elaphiti islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Idyllic slices of the unhurried and traditional Dalmatian way of life, Elaphiti, are increasingly popular with celebs and the mega-yacht brigade. They are after high-quality seafood, simple Dalmatian lifestyle, and privacy.

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Mediterranean diet with a Croatian twist

If you are one of those people who falls in love with a country by falling in love with its food, Croatia is the place for you! Whether you're just passing through, visiting for a couple of days, or choosing it as your full vacation destination, traditional meals are the thing you'll never forget.

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Island hopping in Croatia: Perfect way to experience the Adriatic

Croatian islands are blissful summer escapes. They are scattered like pearls across the shimmering Adriatic sea, each with its own identity, history and traditions. From the beach-to-beach kayak riding experience to sailing around in a rented boat, Adriatic island hopping is an absolute must-try for a modern traveller.

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Hiking In Croatia: Have fun exploring coastal and mountain trails

Croatia is one of Europe's premium travel destinations, with its sparkling coastline strewn with islands, ancient cities, national parks and more experiences than you could count. But, there is a secret not many people are aware of - Croatia has great hiking trails!

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Great reasons to take a glamping holiday in Croatia

If you want to experience the great outdoors but don't want to sacrifice comfort, you should try glamping. Glamping combines "glamour" and "camping" elements and invites guests to experience nature up close while satisfying their desires for comfort and modern amenities. It could be one of the best ways to experience Croatia.

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Unusual museums in Croatia for the curious traveler

Did you know that a popular nickname for the Croatian capital Zagreb is "The City of Museums" since it has the most museums per capita in the world. Though a small country, Croatia has many bizarre and unique museums.

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Vis island - Mediterranean getaway frozen in time

Vis, this tiny Croatian island with beautiful beaches, 17th-century architecture and excellent seafood restaurants might be a revelation for many. The unspoiled beauty leaves you breathless. Because of a historical oddity, Vis Island never developed tourist industry and still remains unspoiled

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