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Adriatic Voyage: Highlights cruise from Split to Dubrovnik

Embark on an unforgettable 8-day journey across the Adriatic Sea, exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pristine beaches, and historic towns. Experience the magic of Croatia's coast from the vibrant Split to the stunning Dubrovnik. Delight in cultural tours, gastronomic adventures, and serene moments on the azure waters.

Trip highlights

  • Explore Split's historic wonders with expert guidance
  • Discover Trogir's UNESCO heritage & St. Lawrence Cathedral
  • Experience Vis Island's pristine beauty & optional tours
  • Witness the mystical Blue Cave on Biševo Island
  • Trace Marco Polo's steps on charming Korčula Island
  • Lush Mljet National Park & a special Captain’s Dinner
  • Conclude in iconic Dubrovnik, a UNESCO gem

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Set sail on a majestic cruise that weaves through the heart of the Adriatic, revealing the hidden gems of Croatia's illustrious coastline. This 8-day itinerary promises a perfect blend of historical exploration, leisurely beach stops, and cultural immersion. From the ancient streets of Split to the enchanting walls of Dubrovnik, each day unfolds a new chapter of adventure and discovery. Savor local cuisine onboard, dive into the crystal-clear waters, and unravel the mysteries of cities steeped in centuries-old history. Our mini cruise ship, your floating haven, offers comfort and elegance as you journey towards each captivating destination. Every yachting and sailing adventure we craft is uniquely tailored to your preferences and desires, ensuring an exclusive and personalized experience. However, it's important to note that while we strive to adhere to your custom itinerary, we maintain a flexible approach due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. Rest assured, any modifications made are always in the interest of providing you with the safest and most enjoyable journey possible.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through some of Croatia's most captivating coastal destinations. In this 8 day trip, we unveil the allure and highlights of each unique stop on your Adriatic adventure, from the ancient streets of Split to the baroque beauty of Dubrovnik. Let's delve into the cultural treasures, natural wonders, and rich histories that await you along this unforgettable itinerary.

Split: A Journey Through Time and Culture

In the heart of the Adriatic lies Split, a city where ancient and modern worlds collide. Home to the historic Diocletian’s Palace, Split boasts over 1700 years of cultural heritage. This UNESCO World Heritage site blends Roman architecture with vibrant street life, offering a unique glimpse into the past. Split's Riva waterfront is a bustling promenade, perfect for soaking in the Mediterranean atmosphere. The city's Marjan Hill provides a serene escape, with lush forests and stunning views of the coast.

Trogir: A Medieval Treasure on the Adriatic Coast

Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a medieval gem nestled on a small island. Known for its Romanesque-Gothic architecture, Trogir's history spans over 2300 years, influenced by Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence, with its stunning Radovan portal, is a testament to Trogir's artistic heritage. The city's charming streets and waterfront invite exploration, revealing a rich tapestry of history and culture in every corner.

Bol and Zlatni Rat Beach: Nature's Masterpieces

Bol, on the island of Brač, is famed for Zlatni Rat, a unique beach that juts into the Adriatic Sea. This natural wonder, often listed among Europe's most beautiful beaches, changes shape with the wind and waves. Bol's serene environment and clear waters make it a perfect spot for relaxation and water activities. The town itself, with a blend of historic and modern elements, offers a tranquil retreat from the bustling mainland.

Vis: A Blend of Serenity and History

Vis, once a strategic military base, now stands as a haven of untouched beauty and traditional charm. The island's cobblestone streets and idyllic beaches offer a peaceful escape. Visitors can explore its rich history, including remnants from its time as a military stronghold. Optional tours to the fishermen's village of Komiža reveal Vis's authentic island life, while its secluded bays provide perfect spots for swimming and relaxation.

Hvar: A Fusion of Heritage and Natural Splendor

Hvar, Croatia's sunniest island, is a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Its historic streets, bustling with life, lead to architectural wonders and local culinary delights. Guided tours reveal Hvar's rich history, from ancient times to the present. The island's lively atmosphere, combined with its scenic landscapes, makes Hvar a captivating destination for both relaxation and exploration.

Korčula: The Explorer's Birthplace

Korčula, alleged birthplace of Marco Polo, is an island rich in history and culture. Visitors can stroll through its cobbled streets, lined with Renaissance and Gothic buildings, and immerse themselves in the island's vibrant past. Korčula's enchanting old town, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, offers a picturesque setting for exploration and discovery.

Mljet National Park: A Natural Haven

Mljet National Park, with its lush landscapes and serene lakes, is a nature lover's paradise. The park's Great and Small Lake, along with the ancient Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of St. Mary, provide a tranquil and picturesque setting for exploration. The park's unspoiled natural beauty offers a peaceful contrast to the historic towns along the coast.

Slano: A Picturesque Village with Rich History

Slano, nestled on the Dubrovnik Riviera, is a charming village with a beautiful beach and a rich historical backdrop. Its serene setting makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the Adriatic's natural beauty. Nearby, the fortified town of Ston, known for its remarkable walls and oyster/mussel farms, offers a glimpse into the region's culinary and architectural heritage.

Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage city, is renowned for its stunning architecture and rich history. The city's impressive walls, ancient streets, and baroque buildings tell the story of its past as a powerful maritime republic. A guided tour through Dubrovnik reveals its cultural and historical significance, while the vibrant streets and exquisite dining options provide a perfect setting for an intimate farewell dinner.

Day-by-day itinerary


Discovering Split

The journey begins in the heart of the Adriatic, with our mini cruise ship anchored at the picturesque Split harbor. Guests arriving in the morning can comfortably store their luggage onboard, though cabins will be welcoming new occupants from 14:00. For those arriving later, rest assured, we have your luggage and excursion needs covered. As evening descends at 19:00, a welcome meeting introduces everyone to the crew and fellow passengers, setting the stage for a delightful welcome dinner at 19:30. The captain ensures that latecomers aren't left out, offering dinner upon their arrival. The first night is spent docked in Split, with the city's lights shimmering over dinner onboard.


Split to Trogir - A Tale of Two Cities

The day starts with an immersive tour of Split, guided by our knowledgeable English-speaking guide. Stroll through the historic Diocletian’s Palace, in a city that's been a cultural beacon for over 1700 years. Post the tour, our ship sets sail at noon for Trogir, another city rich in history and a UNESCO World Heritage site. A delicious lunch awaits onboard, complemented by a refreshing swim stop amidst the journey. Arriving in Trogir by afternoon, guests are free to explore its plethora of palaces, churches, and the renowned Cathedral of St. Lawrence. The evening is a personal canvas – dine in a quaint tavern or wander the atmospheric streets. Nightfall finds us in the historical town of Trogir, with breakfast and lunch served onboard.


From Trogir to the Serenity of Vis

Morning takes us towards Bol, renowned for the Zlatni Rat beach, a natural spectacle and a staple on Europe's most beautiful beaches lists. A leisurely walk and lunch on board prelude our next destination – Vis. This island, once a strategic military base, now charms with its untouched beaches and traditional architecture. Spend the afternoon exploring Vis, from its cobblestone streets to idyllic beaches. For the adventurous, an optional military tour and an excursion to Vis Island, culminating in the stunning fishermen's village of Komiža, are on offer. Dinner awaits in the village's cozy restaurants, with overnight stay in Vis Town, breakfast and lunch provided onboard.


Vis to Hvar via Biševo Blue Cave

As dawn breaks, our cruise takes us towards the mystic Island of Biševo, home to the famous Blue Cave. This water-logged marvel offers a spectacle of light and color, accessible only by boat, weather permitting. In case of rough seas hindering our visit, a refund for the cave tickets is assured. Post the cave adventure, enjoy a leisurely swim and a sumptuous lunch onboard as we navigate towards Hvar. Known as Croatia's sunniest island, Hvar is not only a natural beauty but also a hub of cultural heritage. A guided tour by a local expert reveals the island's rich history and vibrant present. The evening allows for personal exploration - wander the historic streets or savor the local cuisine in a family-owned restaurant. The night is spent in the charismatic town of Hvar, with the ship providing breakfast and lunch.


Hvar to Korčula - Tracing the Steps of Marco Polo

The morning sees us departing Hvar, setting sail towards the enchanting Island of Korčula. Before reaching our destination, we'll indulge in a refreshing swim in one of the many pristine bays and enjoy a delightful onboard lunch. Korčula, an island steeped in history and known as the alleged birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo, welcomes us by afternoon. A guided tour through its narrow, cobbled streets unveils the island's rich past and vibrant culture. The evening is yours to discover - dine at a local restaurant or simply soak in the atmospheric charm of Korčula. The night in Korčula Town includes a restful stay with breakfast and lunch served on the cruise.


Korčula to Slano via Mljet National Park

We leave Korčula in the morning, cruising towards the serene beauty of Mljet National Park. Here, you'll have ample time to explore the park's lush landscapes, the Great and Small Lake, and the ancient Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of St. Mary. Post exploration, a delightful lunch awaits you onboard as we continue our journey to Slano. Nestled on the Dubrovnik Riviera, Slano offers a picturesque setting with its beautiful beach and rich historical tapestry. For enthusiasts, an optional excursion to the fortified town of Ston, known for its remarkable walls and oyster/mussel farms, is available. The evening brings a special treat – the Captain’s Dinner, complete with live music, creating an unforgettable experience. Overnight stay in Slano, with breakfast and dinner onboard.


Slano to Dubrovnik - The Pearl of the Adriatic

Our cruise takes a scenic route in the morning, heading towards the iconic city of Dubrovnik. As we pass the Elaphiti Islands, enjoy a savory lunch with a spectacular view. The ship cruises along the impressive city walls of Dubrovnik, offering an unparalleled opportunity for memorable photos. Upon docking, a guided tour through this UNESCO World Heritage city awaits, showcasing its rich history and stunning architecture. The rest of the day is at your leisure to explore Dubrovnik – perhaps visit the City Walls or take a cable car to Mount Srđ. The city’s vibrant streets and exquisite dining options provide a perfect setting for an intimate farewell dinner. The night's stay is in Dubrovnik, with breakfast and lunch served on the ship.


Farewell in Dubrovnik

As the sun rises over Dubrovnik, our enchanting Adriatic journey reaches its conclusion. After a final breakfast onboard, it's time to bid farewell to the crew, new friends, and the unforgettable experiences shared along Croatia's captivating coast.

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