Nature & wildlife trip

4x4 private photo safari in Gorski Kotar

Gorski Kotar offers an array of possibilities to enjoy the beautiful scenery, from the gorgeous Kupa River valley 200 m above sea level to the highest peak of Mount Bjelolasica at 1534 m. This multitude of forests, waters, flora, fauna and unspoilt nature is rightfully called the green heart of Croatia!

Trip highlights

  • SUV adventure ride through the Risnjak Nature Park to the source of the Kupa River and its mesmerizing turquoise lake
  • Full day 4x4 photo-safari at vast hunting grounds full of wildlife
  • Full day 4x4 adventure at a strict reserve consisting of scattered ridges, where nature has created the most incredible rock formations
  • Visit to the Vrelo cave in Fužine, stunning and richly adorned with cave decorations
  • Trekking in Kamačnik valley (short and easy) over wooden galleries and footbridges, to reach Eagle's Rocks viewpoint

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In Gorski Kotar the history has borne witness to a succession of cultures that have created an invaluable treasure trove, which unfolds before your very eyes. From the prehistoric and medieval monuments left behind by different cultures to the present day, this is an area that will win you over. If you've ever found yourself fantasising about setting off into the soothing wilderness, then this is the right place for you. If nature allows it, you can catch a glimpse of the beasts of prey and your camera is going to be chock-full of beautiful photos of the scenery and wildlife. Find your own rhythm, become one with nature and awaken your inner adventurer.

Gorski Kotar, Croatia's green oasis with crystal-clear lakes, springs, rivers and the shade of centennial trees will provide you with a holiday experience like no other with busy days and a chance to get a good night's sleep.

The diversity of the flora and fauna, the breath-taking views, the active holidays in both the summer and the winter, the cultural heritage and tradition, the customs and the nearly forgotten flavours are all excellent reasons to visit this unique area.

Risnjak Nature Park spreads across 10 ha and has been protected since 1963. The source of the Kupa River, just one of the many unsolved mysteries of the karst, is one of the most forceful, lengthiest and deepest river sources in Croatia. The water mass has formed a mesmerising turquoise lake at a height of 321 m above sea level. The upper flow of the Kupa River has been dubbed the enchanting Butterfly Valley due to the abundance of flora and fauna.

Bukovača hunting ground, located between the towns of Ogulin and Vrbovsko, is a mountainous hunting ground whose highest peak, Veliki Vrh, rises up to 735 m above sea level. Various species of mountain game inhabit this picturesque region, such as the brown bear, deer, roe deer, wild boar and rabbit, as well as the snipe, quail, mallard, fox, marten, badger...

This area of Gorski Kotar is also known as the “green heart of Croatia“ due to the vast diversity of flora and fauna. This is also the only habitat in this part of Europe of three different beasts of prey - the bear, wolf and lynx. As far as big game is concerned, here you can find the king of the forest – the deer –and its smaller counterpart the roebuck, as well as wild boars.

White (Bijele) and Saddle (Samarske) Rocks is a strict reserve. It adheres to the strictest regime of environmental protection, is situated in the central part of Velika Kapela and does not form a single mountain range, but instead consists of smaller and larger scattered ridges. It also includes oddly-shaped limestone with silver fir, spruce and beech forests growing on stone blocks.

The reserve holds the edelweiss, the great yellow gentian and watercress, while the protected environment serves as the habitat of bears, weasels, dormice and martens.

The highest peak of Saddle Rocks rises up to 1302 m, while the White Rocks are situated to the west and the highest peak rises up to 1335 m. Here nature has really been given free rein to create the most incredible and amazing rock formations, which it has done in such detail that its “craftsmanship“ surpasses anything that has ever been created by humans. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Walk through a two-hundred-year-old Park Maksimir

Upon arriving in the cosmopolitan Croatian capital, you will have time to take a break and prepare yourself for the experience that awaits you. Soothe your restless spirit today because we have a thrill-packed day in store for you tomorrow!

You can take some time to visit Park Maksimir and enjoy the greatest masterpiece of garden architecture in Croatia. It was opened in the 18th-century as the first large public park in South-Eastern Europe. The park is landscaped like an English garden, has several big meadows, numerous creeks and five lakes. It is a habitat for various plant and animal species and houses also the city Zoo. Zagreb Zoo has a collection of the world’s fauna and daily feeding times for seals, sea lions, otters and piranhas.


SUV adventure ride through the Risnjak Nature Park

Leaving the hotel after breakfast in a 4x4 SUV for Fužine/Delnice or the surrounding area of Gorski Kotar. Accommodation in a hotel or apartment house and then, after a short break, going on an SUV adventure ride through the Risnjak Nature Park to the source of the Kupa River.

On our way back, we will take a turn on the NE side towards the meadows at the base of Mount Risnjak where, if nature allows it, you can catch a glimpse of the beasts of prey in the stunning unspoilt nature.


4x4 Photo-safari at the Bukovača hunting ground

Leaving after breakfast for a full-day 4x4 photo-safari at the Bukovača hunting ground, which is located between the towns of Ogulin and Vrbovsko.

Alert your senses because you're about to be bombarded with images created by nature itself, so if you're lucky, your camera is going to be chock-full of beautiful photos of the scenery and wildlife. The tour also includes a hunter's brunch (traditional local dishes) on a log. Return to the hotel and dinner.


Karst Phenomena in strict nature reserve

Departing after breakfast for a full-day 4x4 safari at White (Bijele) and Saddle (Samarske) Rocks – a strict reserve, the most diverse phenomena of the karst landscape, which is a paradise for naturalists and hikers as well as the most interesting and attractive routes of the Via Dinarica in Gorski Kotar.

You will feel as though you have stepped into nature's vast art studio and you won't really have to stretch your imagination too far to start comparing these formations to familiar shapes, such as cones, towers, turrets, obelisks, barrels, chests, even statues that look as though they have been chiselled by a sculptor. The tour also includes a hunter's brunch (traditional local dishes) on a log. Return to the hotel and dinner.


Majestic view from steep cliffs and return to Zagreb

After breakfast check-out and departure for Zagreb. On the way, we will visit the Vrelo (Spring) Cave in Fužine, which was discovered by accident during the construction of the Bajer artificial lake in the 1950s. It is assumed to be between 3.5 and 4 million years old. Although only 300 m long, it is stunning and richly adorned with cave decorations.

Our next stop will be the Kamačnik valley, a true masterpiece of nature, which is 1 km long and has a walking trail with wooden galleries and footbridges, followed by a stop at the Orlove Stijene (Eagle's Rocks) viewpoint overlooking the Kupa River valley at a height of 586 m above sea level. The viewpoint is well-tended and the steep cliffs over the Kupa valley offer a majestic view of the Kupa River and the villages in neighbouring Slovenia. Return to Zagreb and transfer to the hotel.


Urban Botanical Garden before check-out

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. If you still have some spare time left, we suggest that you take a stroll through the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Zagreb holding one of the most extensive plant collections in Europe. The vegetation, scents and tranquillity make this garden a true oasis in the very centre of Zagreb.

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