Sports & adventure trip

A dog-friendly short break full of fun on land and at sea in Istria

Pula is the largest city in Istria, the heart-shaped peninsula that was known to the Romans as Terra Magica (Magic Land). Its most famous attraction, the well preserved Roman amphitheatre called The Arena, is one of the most famous sights in all of Croatia.

Trip highlights

  • Discovering an old military zone and a small canyon full of hidden corners by kayak
  • Nature reserve Cape Kamenjak bike ride
  • Gliding across the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea on a SUP
  • Exploring a rugged coastline by climbing up rocks, cliff jumping and adventure swimming
  • Walking through an open-air museum – the city of Pula 

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Changing the ambience and climate, spending time with your loved ones and trying fun new activities can help to alleviate the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Istria is situated where Middle Europe meets the Mediterranean and is a great place for relaxation. Take your family, your partner, or your best friends for an active short vacation, and discover this amazing destination. If you have a dog that will gladly get into a kayak, bring him too.

Kayaking, biking, coasteering… a range of exciting tours in the sea and along the rocky coastline, with the company of professional guides, await you. Picturesque environment, hospitable people and good food are a perfect addition to it – so… have fun! 

Once an important Roman administrative center, today Pula is the largest town in Istria and a well-connected tourist center. 

It has an international airport, with a number of flights from many European cities, but you could also fly to Venice and either get a bus or a catamaran to Pula.

The most famous sight in Pula is the Roman amphitheatre built during the 1st century AD and completed under the reign of Emperor Vespasian. The Arena is among the world's six largest surviving Roman amphiteatres, but it is by no means the only monument in Pula worthy of attention. There’s the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii, Hercules Gate, the Temple of Augustus, and many more interesting things to see during a relaxing evening walk through Pula.

Just outside Pula, after a very short drive, you come to miles of rugged coastline and beaches to enjoy, coves and caves to explore, all in all an interesting landscape by the sea.

This program is designed to get you familiar with the natural wonders of the Adriatic Sea and rocky coastline in Pula surroundings. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Welcome to Istria, a land of wonders – kayaks are ready for you

If you did not come by car but flew to Pula airport, we can arrange car rental for you.

After you check into the B&B in Pula city centre and freshen up a bit after the trip, your first aquatic adventure can begin.

Aboard a comfortable double sit-on-top kayak, your friendly and experienced guide will show you some great sites. You will discover an old military zone, explore a small canyon full of hidden corners and fascinating formations, and snorkel in the pristine waters of the northern Adriatic Sea seeing the diversity of fish beneath the surface.

In case you arrive in the late afternoon, no problem - sea kayaking under the stars with underwater illumination attached to the kayaks is also a unique experience!

Remember, your kayaking guide is a local, so you can ask for advice about evening walk and dinner - the food in Istria is fantastic.


Bike tour of Cape Kamenjak

After breakfast, head towards the Kamenjak Peninsula and Istria’s southernmost point. Approximately 30 kilometres long Kamenjak coastline consists of numerous bays and beaches, including 11 uninhabited islands, all together forming an area of exceptional natural beauty.

During a 3,5-hour mountain biking tour through this relatively small nature reserve, you will have the opportunity to see many plant species, among which are indigenous species, some fossilised dinosaur footprints, and if you're lucky maybe even some dolphins.

This entirely uninhabited cape has a particularly distinctive and valuable landscape - a combination of forests, grasslands, garrigue, maquis and rocky ground.

Weather permitting, there will also be a chance for a swim or a cliff dive.

For the more romantic souls and afternoon/evening lovers, we can try to switch the tour to the afternoon, so they can find a perfect spot for observing one of the most beautiful sunsets you could ever imagine.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding & Coasteering Adventure

Ready to feel like you’re walking on water? Your personal adventure guide will show you how to glide across the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea on your stand-up paddleboard. Start your day with hearty breakfast and then spend some 3 hours discovering coasteering as you climb, side traverse, and pass through tunnels along the rocky cliffs and shoreline.

Explore the Pigeons Cave, illuminated by your headlight and the shafts of sunshine reflected off the water, and then take a leap of faith during a cliff jump at whatever height you feel comfortable with. There will be plenty of incredible photo opportunities snapped by you or your guide.

Spend the afternoon strolling through the streets and squares of Pula, a multicultural city rich with monuments and buildings three thousand years old. Here you almost have the impression of walking through an open-air museum.



After breakfast, it’s time for packing and check-out. If you are travelling back home, we wish you a happy return, and if you’re continuing with your adventure in Croatia, have as much fun as in the past few days! 

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