Nature & wildlife trip

Family fun getaway to vitality islands of Lošinj and Cres

The beautiful landscapes of both islands, the enchanting scents of rich flora and the crystal-clear sea have incredible healing powers. Combined with great experiences and delicious food, you will have a dream vacation.

Trip highlights

  • Renew your body and spirit exploring healthy Adriatic islands
  • Experience aromatherapy workshop and grilled lunch with a view, in the Garden of Fine Scents
  • Become a marine biologist for a day and search for dolphins in the Adriatic
  • Breathe in the soothing aerosol for free by spending time by the sea
  • Protect your immune system and boost the production of Vitamin D with a combination of seawater and sunshine 

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Nature plays a vital role in human health and well-being. Contact with nature can help us prevent many diseases, from mental to emotional, all the way to the physical ones. Interaction with nature is important for us and for our overall development.

We promise you pleasant days, with no rush involved, and with enough time to dedicate to your loved ones and live in the moment.

Due to the clean air and proximity of the Adriatic Sea, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep, and, if you wish, take guilt-free naps in the afternoon. All adults from the Mediterranean like and tend to take a nap during siesta hours.

You will be eating locally and seasonally, something we take for granted here in Croatia but is a coveted concept these days.

One of our favourite islands will delight you with its uniqueness. The result - you will want to return to explore more magical places, hidden beaches and coves, as well as mazes that are hard to explore all at once in just one visit. You will probably end up coming back in the future because the lack of stress on islands of both Lošinj and Cres, coupled with their natural beauty, will make you a lifetime fan. 

Formerly called the Apsyrtides, Lošinj and Cres, together with other smaller islands like Ilovik and Susak, as well as many small uninhabited islets, form the Western stretch of the archipelago in the Kvarner bay and are the northernmost islands of the Mediterranean.

Their position serves as a natural bridge between Istria and Dalmatia but also the archipelago is the place where Continental and Mediterranean climate meet.

All of that reflects on the rich biodiversity. Of all the Adriatic islands, Lošinj and Cres are the richest in terms of plant species with a relatively large number of endemic ones.

Lošinj is a diverse island with lush vegetation. At the end of the 19th century, a large area of ​​the island of Lošinj was forested with pine trees. Today we have about 1500 plant species, of which more than 900 are considered indigenous species, 230 medicinal and 80 species are classified as exotic plants. The development of health tourism on the island of Lošinj began at the end of the 19th century and later on was further implemented. Overall, Lošinj is extremely beneficial for human health and wellbeing.

The island of Cres is the largest in Croatia, but the least developed and sparsely populated and that is precisely why it has an inspiring appeal.

During your stay, you will be offered to turn to local herbs for most of the minor things that bother you and let your body heal, with a bit of boost, basically on its own. You will be able to walk more, swim more and smile more. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Welcome to Lošinj Island

Upon arrival to the island, check-in at the 4-star hotel located in the heart of the town of Mali Lošinj. After check-in and short rest, start exploring the area. Before the sun starts to go down, climb to the Providenca viewpoint at the very top of Mali Lošinj. Grab a drink from the bar and taste some local delicacies while watching the sunset and enjoying an unforgettable view of the Lošinj archipelago. A table for you will be reserved.

As an addition to the exceptional view, there is a short educational trail – Apsyrtides – offering a nice walk through the natural karst ambient coupled with a story about the island.

Overnight in Mali Lošinj.


Garden of Fine Scents, Museum of Apoxyomenos, Mali Lošinj

Numerous beaches and hidden coves in the heavenly Lošinj archipelago enchant with the diversity of scenery. Spend your morning exploring rocky, pebbly, or sandy beaches suited to your taste. Swim, dive, surf, sail, play or simply relax enjoying with all your senses while staying at this one-of-a-kind nature's oasis.

In the afternoon, we invite you to visit the most beautiful garden on the island.

We are not talking about an ordinary botanical garden or a garden with medicinal plants. The Garden of Fine Scents features over 250 species of aromatic plants, from island wildflowers such as sage or immortelle to houseplants like aloe vera or lavender that famous local sailors brought from distant shores a long time ago.

Accompanied by a professional guide during a pleasant afternoon walk through the garden, you will get a chance to learn about the diversity of floral aromas. Later, an aromatherapy workshop will follow. After the workshop, enjoy a meal prepared on the grill in the garden and a magnificent view of Valdarke bay and beyond.

Possibility of purchasing original herbal souvenirs and homemade fruit delicacies.

From the Garden, take a walk to the Mali Lošinj centre to meet your local guide. In a guided tour through the narrow streets, you will immerse yourself in the naval and luxurious history of the city which can easily be seen in the beautiful architecture and surroundings.

The tour will end in front of the Museum of Apoxyomenos. The Museum is a unique archaeological and architectural cultural institution in the region, and it is entirely dedicated to only one exhibit – the bronze statue of a young athlete, the Apoxyomenos. The bronze statue dates to either 2nd or 1st century B.C.

Guided tour of the Museum is next with the possibility of purchasing souvenirs after the tour.

While you are on the promenade, it is worth taking a walk along to find a restaurant with great food and a wonderful view of the Augusta Bay. Enjoy the rest of the evening at your leisure.

Overnight in Mali Lošinj.


Visit Blue World Institute and search for the Dolphins

For this excursion, you will need to put your swimsuits on, take with you your favourite beach towel, and other summer accessories you might need. Make sure you do not forget your sunscreen.

Drive to Veli Lošinj where you will visit the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI).

The centre works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea. BWI research focuses mainly on large marine vertebrates such as dolphins and turtles. The institute hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as interactive multimedia presentations. You will participate in one of the educational programs organized and conducted by the staff of the centre.

This workshop includes an introductory lecture on dolphin´s biology, ecology, and research in their centre as well as a two-hour boat excursion in search of dolphins (depending on the stable weather conditions).

After the educational program is over, we suggest you stay in Veli Lošinj and spend your day at the beach in Rovenska Bay. Rovenska beach is distanced approximately 10 minutes from the Blue World Institute. The beach sits in direct proximity to the breakwaters of Veli Lošinj. Due to its proximity to the city centre, the flat shore and the small shady forest, this beach is popular with families. Facilities such as showers, toilets and changing rooms are available. There are several local restaurants in the bay, where you can savour fresh and tasty local dishes.

Drive back to Mali Lošinj.

Evening at your leisure. Overnight in Mali Lošinj.


Lošinj to Cres via Osor

Check out in the morning hours. Before heading North to Cres island, you will get to visit the aquapark Čikat. Aquapark Čikat is situated within the camp that shares its name and it is surrounded by a pine forest. The concept of the aquapark is divided into three zones and we are sure the entire family will have fun. Enjoy different pools and waterways!

A car drive from Čikat to the village Beli on Cres Island follows.

En route, stop at the small town called Osor for a short visit. Osor is situated where the islands of Lošinj and Cres almost meet and are connected by a drawbridge. The drawbridge opens twice a day, at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., turning east. The mechanism is not operated automatically but manually. Try to be there when it opens as it is always an interesting sight.

Osor itself was of great importance in the history of the Adriatic because it was an important transport centre. The former importance of the city can be easily seen in the narrow streets and squares. In fact, the entire town of Osor is an open-air museum wherein artists of all eras had left their mark.

A town, which is both a historical landmark and a museum, becomes a unique open-air stage for rich cultural events during the summer months.

Upon arrival to the village Beli, situated on the northern part of Cres island, check-in at the eco-friendly family-run guesthouse.

Optional: “Welcome to Beli” - a traditionally prepared fish or meat dish as a welcome dinner can be served on the large terrace with the scenic view over Kvarner bay. Evening at leisure.

Overnight in Beli.


Enjoying Beli, Cres

After breakfast, take a morning stroll to the pebbled beach surrounded by the pine forest. For the way back, you can take advantage of the tourist train that will take you back up the hill.

You can spice up your beach time by gathering your courage and trying out the zipline flight. Zipline Beli starts from 35 m above sea level, descends over olive groves, a small harbour, over the sea and stops by the grottoes at the end of the beach.

In the late afternoon hours, after returning from the beach, visit the Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue centre for Griffon Voltures. The centre is in the vicinity of the guest house you will be accommodated in.

At the beginning of the 20th century, griffon vultures were widespread all over Croatia. Today in Croatia they only nest on the Kvarner islands of Cres, Krk, Prvić and Plavnik, which is why their population is often called the Kvarner population, and counts around one hundred pairs.

Even though griffon vultures live in other parts of the world too (e.g., in Europe, there are griffon vultures in Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria), the Kvarner population is unique in the world because these birds nest right above the sea, while in other regions they nest mostly in the mountainous areas.

By visiting the Centre, you will deepen your knowledge of the island of Cres and help to preserve the last population of griffon vultures in Croatia!

Evening is at your leisure. Overnight in Beli.


Griffon watching boat tour - visit the Oil Mill in Cres town

After breakfast, enjoy a unique experience of observing and photographing a protected species- the white-headed griffons, in their natural environment on the island of Cres.

A short boat drive from the Beli port will take you to the griffon's natural habitat, which is a unique colony in the world. A guide will give a short lecture on the vultures and you will participate in their protection and rescue programme.

Panoramic cruise back to Beli.

In the afternoon hours, drive to Cres town. Upon arrival you will proceed to the Oil Mill. In the educational centre, a guide will tell you a story about olives and olive oil from Cres. Along with the presentation video, you will be introduced to the tradition of olive oil production on the island, and the types of olives, the method of planting and picking, as well as the method of processing olive oil as has been done in the past and how it is being done today.

Accompanied by a trained, professional mill guide you will visit the oil mill plant. You will follow the procedure from the arrival of olives to the mill, the washing, grinding and mixing the paste, extracting the oil by centrifuge to the actual discharge of oil into tanks. Finally, you will get acquainted with the procedure of bottling and labelling the oil to be further marketed. This will be followed by an introduction to the nutritional values of extra virgin olive oil and the differences in oil in various world markets. You will also learn how to recognize and taste the oil. Before ending this tour, you will have a guided tasting of extra virgin olive oil.

Enjoy the walk through the narrow streets to the town’s centre where you will meet your local guide. In a guided walking tour, you will hear all the interesting facts and legends not just about the town but the island itself.

If you are in the mood for trying out some traditional cuisine, you should not miss visiting Loznati, a settlement near the town of Cres. Loznati location is famous for sheep breeding. We can make a reservation for you in the restaurant to try locally raised lamb, prepared in various traditional ways, as this meal is the the most recognizable dish of the island.

Return to Beli. Overnight.


Sailing on Cres Island - choose your own private beach 

Cres is full of hidden beaches and small bays and it is well known as the top nautical destination in Croatia with crystal-clear blue sea.

After breakfast, get ready for a full day of sailing along the uninhabited Adriatic coast. You will sail away with a licenced and experienced skipper on a sailboat which is a perfect combination of comfort and performance.

You can choose your destination, i.e., a beach, such as Koromačna or Lubenice, or you can explore many other isolated beaches along the hidden coves.

You will be free to lay back and achieve the maximum level of relaxation, or steer the boat and learn to sail with a little help from your skipper.

Return to Beli is scheduled in the early evening hours. Overnight in Beli.


Leaving Cres

After breakfast it's time to check out.

To leave the island you can use the ferry from Valbiska village to the island of Krk, or you can go from Porozina village to the Brestova ferry port situated on the eastern coast of Istria. 

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