Health & wellness trip

Wellness getaway in the Northern Croatian haven

While staying at your Terme Sveti Martin resort, you will have an exclusive opportunity to try out their trademark “healthness” concept that combines active holidays, wellness experience, highlighting awareness of one’s personal health with an objective of re-balancing and awakening one’s body, mind, and soul.

Trip highlights

  • Exhilarating and healing health, spa and wellness experience and retreat
  • Health and overall wellbeing diagnostics and counselling at the spa and thermal waters resort that will start your detox program and pamper both your body and soul
  • Enjoying visits and tastings at the prominent local wineries and trying out their homemade organic produce and scrumptious autochthonous organic meals
  • Quad and walk your way through some of the charming paths, trails and hillside areas in this Međimurje region
  • Visit to Horse Stud Farm & Deer and Mouflon Farm

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The diagnostics that will be performed at the resort will include both BIOScan and HRVScan. BIOScan is a combination of modern IT sciences, biophysics, electrical engineering, higher technology and quantum medicine. This non-invasive method uses the signals from electromagnetic waves that the human body generates. The frequency and the energy of the magnetic fields of a human body can be determined with the help of sensors. Deviations from standard values can be determined by comparing the resonance (quantum physics). The BIOscan analyses the cellular communication inside the human organism and any change related to it is singled out as misbalance, stress or defect (excess or deficit). The evaluation is carried out through detailed graphic protocols divided into different areas of analysis.

Before you take a wellness tour in Međimurje and unwind, here are a few interesting things you should know.

Region of Međimurje

Northern Croatian region of Međimurje stretches northeast of Varaždin to the borders with Hungary and Slovenia. Several wine cellars and a quad tour of the Međimurje sites provide a few interesting pit stops for you in between your use of the thermal pools, meditation, yoga and relaxation as well as health and wellbeing counselling in the spa village and resort of Sveti Martin.

Terme Sveti Martin

One of the region’s largest and most comprehensive wellness, spa and “healthness” centres, LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin offers a myriad of healthcare services, diagnosis, and massages with an overall area of 1800 m2. Its hallmark is its holistic programme and individual approach and modern equipment that offers a unique experience for both body and soul alike.

The Resort consists of a complex of indoor pools with thermal water, a summer aqua park, a wellness centre, and various restaurants. The new golf course with its nine holes, heated greens and artificial grass is amongst the first of its kind in Europe based on the reduction in the use of pesticides, which resulted in the preservation of the surrounding nature and has enabled the game to be played year-round.

Body Bioscan

Bioscan is a combination of modern IT sciences, biophysics, electrical engineering, higher technology and quantum medicine. This non-invasive method uses the signals from electromagnetic waves, which the human body generates. The Bioscan analyses the cellular communication inside the human organism and the change in it is determined as misbalance, stress or defect.

HRV Scan

HRV is used to analyse the biorhythmic processes of the human organism. The principle of this kind of a scan is based on modern informational technology, which uses „fractal neurodynamics“. Biology, psychology, genetics and clinical medicine have been used in the development of this diagnostic device which based on known informative parameters performs a functional analysis of the condition of the human organism.

Horse stud farm in Žabnik

Located in Žabnik, this Stud Farm beautifies the already eye-pleasing environment that is located near the northernmost geographical point of Croatia. This horse farm was founded in 2015 by the Public Institution „Međimurje nature“ to maintain and revitalize the endangered autochthonous Croatian breed of Međimurje horses and maintaining the biotope of pastures. It is located on municipal pasture, near the Mura river and the settlement of Žabnik. The estate houses eight mares purchased from private horse breeders.

Deer and mouflon farm

The farm is a real attraction to excursionists, in the neighbourhood of Terme Sveti Martin resort, and a representation of rural tourism of the higher quality with a restaurant-tasting room in a wooden house with accommodation capacities... surrounded by grazing animals, fresh smell of hay across four hectares every year and finally the sights of herds of deer and mouflons, a rare sight indeed in today’s fast-paced daily life.

Mill on the River Mura

At the northernmost point of the Republic of Croatia, near the small village of Žabnik, the Mura River turns an impressive wheel of a wooden river mill, the only floating river mill in Croatia.

The murmur of water and the creak of a stone grinder take visitors back to 1902 when flour was first ground on that floating "old man".

Milling on the Mura was extremely developed at the beginning of the 20th century (at that time, as many as 90 mills were located in a forty-kilometre radius), although the first data on mills in this area date back to the distant past. These are ancient springs that are over 2000 years old. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Arrival to your Thermal waters resort haven in Međimurje region of Croatia

Private transfer from the Zagreb airport to Međimurje in Northern continental Croatia and Sv. Martin na Muri location for those flying into Croatia or a self-drive ride to your hotel and resort. Check into a 4-star Hotel Terme Sveti Martin in the Thermal baths St. Martin Resort. Take some time to freshen up. BIOScan and HRVScan of the overall organism and propensity for certain health problems along with an individual 30-minute counselling with your Healthness Manager to set the tone for your Detox program at this European Spa Award-winning retreat that follows Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical and holistic philosophy which inspires a quality life by combining both health and pleasure elements alike. Use of 100-year-old thermal water springs and The Temple of Life pool complex plus Salt room as the remnants of the old Pannonian sea waters. Vegetarian detox dinner in the evening. Overnight stay.


Enjoying “healthness” counselling and other retreat services along with local gourmet explorations

Following nutritious and hearty buffet breakfast, you will meet again with your Healthness manager for the continuation of your detox program and guidance regarding this plan. Following the daily timetable and resort's schedule, take advantage of a re-energizing yoga session, mindfulness meditation and detox breathing exercises. Next is the Quad vehicle excursion that will have you discover the surroundings of your Resort in a comfortable yet fun way.

This approximately 2.5-hour privately guided tour is a combination of off-road drive on various surfaces and an easy stroll. You can choose between having 2 people on one vehicle or an individual ride on the quad. You will get to explore and visit the following local spots on quads and in a leisurely stroll: Međimurje Horse Stud Farm, Northernmost geographic location in Croatia, Mill on the Mura river, 30-minute walk on the Miller’s Path, hidden tributaries of the Mura River, Observation deck (view of the 4 countries - Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria) and a Deer and Mouflon Farm visit. Afterwards a delicious gourmet break at a local Terbotz restaurant with a tour of the estate, wine tasting and a 3-course lunch.

In the afternoon, upon return to your resort, you will be pampered by a Vedaroma massage following Dosha principles and you can opt for the use of the Sauna World and the steam rooms. Dinner at the hotel and resort and some good night rest and beauty sleep. Overnight stay.


Combining your detox program at the retreat and exploring Međimurje further

After your rich and nutritious buffet breakfast head over to your Healthness manager for the continuation of your detox program guidelines. You can opt for some physical activity before or after breakfast by using ample fitness centre and gym facilities at the retreat. What will ensue will be a bit of extra exploration of Međimurje's colourful and scent-laden sights, smells and sounds, taking advantage of nature in the resort surroundings by combining the experience of a wine tasting of several famous wine varieties at the local Farm Hažić with organic homemade apple chips and juice, followed by lunch with typical Međimurje region dishes offered there. Return transfer to your hotel for further hedonistic explorations of the thermal pools and soothing and unwinding spa services. Vegetarian detox dinner in the evening. Overnight stay.


Departure from Međimurje

Check out after breakfast and relax some more in the Spa zone, if your travel or flight schedule permits it, and then it is time to say bye to the hillsides and plains of Međimurje. Bon voyage!

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