Bohinj lake is a peaceful oasis of pristine water that lies in the Triglav National Park

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The magnificent green lakes, forests and mountains of Slovenia and Croatia private tour

In Slovenia you can see the sea from the mountains, the plain from the forest, the village from the city, and the sky from the earth. Lika, the largest and the least populated Croatian county, is adorned with the exceptional beauty of untouched nature, cultural heritage and unique cuisine.

Untouched nature at the foot of the Alps, on Lake Bohinj, is a real gem for an active vacation for families and couples. Take a cable car to Vogel within the Triglav National Park, drive to the highest Slovenian mountain pass Vršič, admire the stunning creations of nature and the source of the Sava Dolinka river, and test your adrenaline skills at the white water rafting session on the Savinja river.

The Lika region is listed among the top hundred world sustainable green destinations for 2020, a list compiled for the sixth year in a row by the international foundation "Global Green Destinations", which brings together the world's sustainable tourist destinations. You will be accommodated in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, experience the homely atmosphere at the local family farms, taste delicious autohtonous products, ride natural trails through the spectacular Croatian landscape, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you during ziplining. 

Trip highlights

  • Visit Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, and enjoy stunning views of the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps
  • Test your adrenaline skills at the white water rafting session on Savinja River
  • Take a guided walking tour of the spectacular Plitivice Lakes National Park with a boat and train ride
  • Experience the homely atmosphere at the local farm and taste some delicious autohtonous products
  • Enjoy well trained and happy horses in an unforgettable horse riding experience
  • Admire the magnificent scenery of the Lika region while ziplining 

Trip availableMAY-OCT
Duration9 days
Suitable for2-4 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 2,285.00 €
Great for
  • Nature lovers
  • Groups of friends
  • Families
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 4-star hotel and resort
Trip designed by Vesna Luzar

Extremely versatile trip designer with an established career in travel business

Activities are taking place in Slovenia and Croatia

Here you can learn a few interesting facts about each of the locations you are about to visit.


More than half of Slovenia is covered by forest - Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of biodiversity. It has 28,000 kilometres of rivers and streams and around 1,300 lakes. In addition to the Triglav National Park, a protected area for nearly a century, Slovenia has three regional parks, 44 nature parks with protected landscape status, 52 nature reserves and more than 1,200 protected natural monuments. Wherever you are in Slovenia, there is sure to be a protected natural area nearby. Slovenia is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe, and one of the most abundant in water.

Slovenia is divided into three wine regions and 24 gastronomic regions, each with its own characteristic dishes. You can sample green cuisine on farms in the countryside or in prestigious city restaurants, but the best experiences are offered by genuine Slovene “gostilne" – traditional inns with a family tradition. Menus change with the seasons and use ingredients from the surrounding fields and forests,from rivers and lakes teeming with fish, and from the sea.

Lake Bohinj

The largest Slovenian lake is a tranquil oasis of pristine water lying in Triglav National Park northwest of Ljubljana. Bordered by the peaks of the Julian Alps, this is a region of powerful natural beauty, rich in cascading waterfalls and limestone cave complexes burrowing underground. It was formed by glaciation in the last Ice Age and today the lake is fed by spring waters bubbling up through limestone deep under its northern shores as well as glacier melt from the Savica River, which starts life plunging over a spectacular 71-m (232-ft) waterfall upstream in the Julian foothills. The same river leaves Lake Bohinj as the Sava Bohinjka, which twists and turns its way 30 km (18.5 miles) through tumbling gorges into the clear waters of Lake Bled.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a town in northwestern Slovenia close to the triple border point od Slovenia, Italy and Austria and a world-class ski centre under the Julian Alps. It is a charming town where tradition can be noticed at every step and a place where you can be active and constantly in touch with unspoiled nature from crystal clear rivers to the mountains all year round.


The mere mention of Croatia conjures up images of colorful landscapes, sparkling seas and fortified towns furnished with quaint outdoor cafés. Many of Europe's greatest empires including the Romans, Venetians, Ottoman Turks and Habsburgs, left their mark on Croatia in the form of architecture, language, art and food.

Croatia is a south-central European country with an extensive coastline down the Adriatic Sea. Croats settled the area in the early 7th century, forming two principalities, Dalmatia and Pannonia. In 1991 Croatia proclaimed independence by holding its first democratic elections, and in 2013 Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union.

Continental Croatia is an oasis of tranquility, with the Croatian capital bringing urban vibrancy to a wooded hilly area. Southwest of Zagreb, a mountainous area of the Gorski Kotar and Lika regions proudly offer several beautiful national parks, including the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Northern Velebit National Park, and the Risnjak National Park.

Lika-Senj region

Lika is a destination where you can experience a unique combination of mountainous terrain and the sea, along with three different climates on a relatively small geographical area. 60% of Lika is protected through the Environmental Protection Act and there are 8 protected natural areas within the destination. It is home to many endemic plants and karst formations that are some of the most interesting in the world. In addition to plants, the destination is home to many animals, of which three wild beasts - the wolf, the bear and the lynx.

Lika and the Velebit Mountain coastline are distinguished by the wealth of natural beauty, cultural heritage and excellent gastronomy. UNESCO recognized the uniqueness of this area and protected Plitvice Lakes National Park 1979. as a world natural heritage, and the area of the Velebit Nature Park was included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves within the UNESCO “Man and the Biosphere” Program from 1978 because of its specific relief, vegetative, and landscape features.

In addition to the richness of preserved nature, this area offers an abundance of cultural and historical sights, as well as traditional customs. Due to the ecologically clean nature, local products are of exceptional quality.

Here you can visit family farms and taste local products prepared according to traditional recipes, experience the destination through taste, customs and local souvenirs and witness the coexistence of man and water.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The oldest, greatest and most visited national park in the Republic of Croatia is famous for its array of turquoise lakes, divided by magnificent travertine barriers. This karst area is characterized by its specific hydrology and exceptional biological diversity, which ensured its international significance and magnitude.

Plitvice has been named one of the 35 most beautiful national parks in the world, and for good reason. See for yourself why Plitvice Lakes have found their place on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The lake system (16 lakes) is divided into Upper and Lower Lakes, and the way the lake system looks today is the result of calcification, which is a process responsible for the formation of travertine barriers. It is a highly complex biological process, and the fact that this process has been taking place to this day proves that the ecological conditions have been preserved.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is an area of abundant forest and meadow habitats with diverse and numerous flora and fauna. The forests cover almost 80% of the Park’s surface. As to its biodiversity, the Plitvice National Park is one of the most valuable areas of Croatia, where a significant part of many nationally and internationally endangered species’ population has managed to maintain a sufficiently preserved habitat.

In the 1960s Plitvice Lakes National Park was one of the filming locations of the popular movie “Winnetou”. The stories of the adventures of an Indian chief were a symbol of yearning for a simpler life and a desire to reconnect with nature. In the movie “Treasure of Silver Lake” you might recognize Lake Kaluderovac – the well-known "Silbersee". 

Day-by-day itinerary


In the heart of Julian Alps by the Bohinj Lake

If you did not come by car but flew to Ljubljana airport, we can arrange a transfer to your accommodation (on request). Check-in at the centrally located 4-star hotel by the Bohinj Lake in the heart of the Julian Alps, where you can fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and admire superb sunsets over the mountains. You can use a wellness centre at the hotel or simply go for a pleasant walk around the lake area to soak in Bohinj's pristine natural environment and relax by its crystal clear waters.


Half-day excursion to Bohinj and Triglav National Park

In the morning you will be taken to a half-day private excursion around Bohinj. There are several attractions that you will visit which definitely should not be missed. The hidden 78 metres high Savica waterfall is the third most visited attraction in Slovenia while the 700 years old Church of st. John the Baptist represents an important monument of Middle Age architecture with the oldest frescoes in Slovenia. The Savica Waterfall is the source of Sava Bohinjka, known under the name of Savica to the spot where it flows into Lake Bohinj.

Vogel Ski Resort is a Slovenian ski resorts within the Triglav National Park, at the head of the Bohinj valley and offers magnificent views to the lake and over the Julian Alps. Vogel cable car will take you to a height of more than 1,500 metres above sea level offering breathtaking views in every season.

To round-up our trip your guide will take you to a local restaurant where you will taste some typical local cheeses together with home-baked bread.

Drop-off at your hotel in Bohinj.


Full-day excursion to Alpine Kranjska Gora 

Morning pick-up at the hotel and departure towards Kranjska Gora. Let the adventure begin!

Vršič is the highest road mountain pass in Slovenia with an altitude of 1611 metres, and it connects the village of Bovec and Kranjska Gora. Its panoramic road offers stunning views of the mountain peaks of the Julian Alps. There are several sights along the road, so you will get an idea of why it is worth stopping by.

Proceed to Alpine Jasna Lake located just next to Kranjska Gora, before taking the road that leads to the highest Slovenian mountain Pass Vršič. The lake consists of two artificial lakes at the confluence of Velika and Mala Pišnica streams and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, the reflection of which one can admire in the crystal-clear lake water.

Stop by and take a walk around the lake area where nice trails are arranged, take a photo beside the well-known bronze Ibex (Golden Horn).

The trip continues to Zelenci, a nature reserve and about the 2-metre deep lake on the edge of Triglav National Park between Rateče, Podkoren, and Kranjska Gora, offering great views of the nearby mountains. Take a short walk to admire this stunning creation of nature and the source of Sava Dolinka river that impresses in every season with its unique appearance, cold springs and emerald blue-green colour which they got their name from (‘zelen’ means green in Slovenian).

Sports enthusiasts will connect Planica Valley with ski jumping tradition. This Alpine valley, close to Rateče village and very close to Kranjska Gora ski resort, hosts a world-famous sky-flying contest every year. The first ski jumping hill here was constructed before 1930!

Not far from Kranjska Gora, close to Mojstrana village lies one of the highest and best-known Slovenian waterfalls – 52m Peričnik Waterfall, protected as a natural heritage site. The waterfall flows from the valley in Triglav National Park to the glacial Vrata Valley. Visit the waterfall after a short walk. Peričnik is a two-stranded waterfall and what is unique is that you can walk behind it.

While being in the area of the waterfall you might want to drive a bit deeper into the Triglav National Park to Aljažev Dom hut in Vrata Valley, where you can get (on your own, payment on the spot) something to eat and what is the best, this is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Slovenian highest mountain, Mt. Triglav (2864m).

Return to Bohinj and drop-off at the hotel.


Full-day excursion to the green Logarska Valley 

Morning pick-up at your hotel. Drive across the mountain pass Cernivec to the Savinjska Valley and a short break by the rock formation Igla, a needle-shaped rock in the middle of the Savinja River tiny gorge. Then you will head to one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, the Logarska Valley.

Admire the sights, among others, the source of the Savinja River, mighty boulders, small museums dedicated to logging and charcoal production, a hunting tower, the rock formation Igla, a giant juniper tree, and the main "star" of Logarska Valley – the second highest waterfall in Slovenia, the 90 metre Rinka waterfall.

After you pass the Rinka waterfall you will have a typical Slovenian lunch at one of the local taverns or farms. Enjoy local delights such as »žlinkrofi«, lamb sour milk, buckwheat »žganci«, home-made cheeses or other specialities.

In the early afternoon test your adrenaline skills at the white water rafting session on the Savinja River. During the 10 km long rafting ride you will experience the wild rapids and will be able to take a swim in a pool.

Return to Bohinj and drop-off at the hotel.


Drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Leave Bohinj after breakfast at the hotel on your own (if you did not come by car, we can arrange a transfer to the hotel at Plitvice Lakes for you - on request). Arrive at a 4-star rural resort in the heart of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Accommodation at a wooden log cabin suitable for guests of the highest aesthetic and comfort standards.

Few places in this world look and feel too unreal, too beautiful and astonishing to believe that they exist. Plitvice can truly be called a Phenomenon of Nature. Wherever you look, everything you hear, smell or feel, you will experience another level of connection to the very essence of nature.


Full-day excursion - Plitvice Lakes sightseeing and visit to the Deer Valley Ranch

In the early morning, you will start a sightseeing tour of the park accompanied by the local guide. The park includes the headwaters of the Korana River in an area surrounded by dense forests and is additionally ornamented by several caves, springs and flower-filled meadows, which show the vast diversity of flora and fauna in the national park.

A sightseeing walking tour includes a boat ride and allows you to experience first-hand the magical beauty of the lakes and waterfalls (electric boat and panoramic train rides are subject to weather conditions).

If you wish, you can have lunch (payment on the spot) near the entrance to the National Park - Licka Kuca restaurant is a traditional-style barn-like building with timber beams inside and a sprawling terrace outside. The menu is traditional, hearty and meat-based: Lika favourites include lamb spit-roast on the open fire, pan-fried trout, and the house speciality - the sausage stew.

Return to the hotel, time at leisure.

In the afternoon visit the Deer Valley ranch, engaged in breeding red deer and fallow deer, black Slavonian pigs and horses. The ranch is situated in the area of Drežnik Grad, a village located 12 kilometres from the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Tour of the ranch under the guidance of the host, information about the animals and the development of the ranch. You will have the opportunity for a close encounter with the animals and the possibility of feeding them with the food provided by the ranchers. After the tour, enjoy a refreshment and the delicious local products – housemade sausages, cheese, bread, coffee, tea and juice.

Return to Plitvice Lakes and drop-off at the hotel.


Full-day excursion to Janja Gora, ceramics workshop and horseback riding 

Morning pick-up at the hotel and departure towards Janja Gora, situated 30 km from Plitvice Lakes, amid a peaceful and inspiring nature.

You will take part in the workshop at the International Ceramics Atelier (3-4 hours) dedicated to ceramics, clay and traditional pottery. The artists provide all creative souls with the opportunity to express themselves and are trying to integrate the local community into their projects. They have decided to make the sheep, that is, the lamb, the trademark of their atelier. Every ceramic sheep is hand-made, has a stylized look, and the final firing is performed by one of the oldest firing techniques in the world.

Lunch at Old Shatterhand Restaurant, 7 km from Plitvice Lakes National Park. You will taste Shatterburger, a delicious kind of Lika burger. Old Shatterhand is a fictional character from the famous movies about the Indian chief Winnetou.

Lunch will be followed by horseback riding at Terra Ranch, located on a family farm in the village of Irinovac. Riding skills are checked before a trail ride so that the guide can choose the appropriate track based on the rider’s knowledge. You will enjoy a one-hour riding experience – a great opportunity for beginners in riding and those who are new to riding in nature to learn the basics, and most of all feel the magic of riding in untouched nature.

Return to Plitvice Lakes and drop-off at the hotel.


Full-day excursion - honey and cheese tasting, zipline and lunch at a family farm

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel in the morning. You will be taken first to the small Grabušić Village to the family ranch where you will be welcomed by the host who will take you through the estate. See how the locals raise cows, sheep and bees and enjoy cheese and honey tasting.

The journey continues to the village of Rudopolje located at almost 800 meters above sea level.

Have you ever tried out zipline? It will make you feel as if you were flying - the "Beware of the Bear" zipline will take you 80 m above the ground. Fly 120 km/h for 1700 m of a zipline and enjoy the view from the bird's-eye perspective. There is the magnificent scenery of Lika below you, deep forest, green fields and valleys. The perfect souvenir: you will get a film of your flight to share the adventure with friends and family at home.

Lunch at the local family farm. Enjoy homemade food from exclusively seasonal vegetables and fruits served in a picnic basket, and relax surrounded by beautiful nature. If you wish, pick a salad from the garden yourself and get it served just for you. You can also buy various homemade jams, juices, liqueurs and more that you can take with you as a souvenir.

Return to Plitvice Lakes and drop-off at the hotel.


Farewell Croatia

After breakfast time for packing and check-out from the hotel. If you did not come by car, we can arrange a transfer from the hotel to your departure point (on request). 

What's included?

  • 4 overnights in a standard double room at a 4-star hotel in Bohinj, breakfast and tourist tax included
  • Half day private excursion to the region of Bohinj on Day 2, including pick-up and drop-off at the hotel, private English-speaking driver/guide, ticket for Savica waterfall, cable car ticket to Mt. Vogel (return), cheese tasting in Bohinj, and transfer in a modern A/C vehicle
  • Full day private excursion to Kranjska Gora on Day 3, including pick-up and drop-off at the hotel, private English-speaking driver/guide, transfer in a modern A/C vehicle
  • Full day private excursion to Logarska Valley on Day 4, including pick-up and drop-off at the hotel, private English-speaking driver/guide, local lunch in Logar Valley, rafting on Savinja river with rafting equipment (wetsuit, shoes, helmet, life jacket), and transfer in a modern A/C vehicle
  • 4 overnights in a studio de luxe double room at a 4-star resort in Plitvice Lakes NP area, breakfast, free WiFi, parking, and tourist tax included
  • 1 hour free use of the spa zone at the hotel (jacuzzi and sauna)
  • Private sightseeing of Plitvice Lakes National Park on Day 6, including entrance fee and English-speaking local guide
  • Private visit to the Deer Valley ranch on Day 6, including transfers, English-speaking local guide, and tasting of homemade local products
  • Full day private excursion to Janja Gora on Day 7, including transfers, ceramics workshop, English-speaking local guide, lunch at the Old Shatterhand restaurant, and horseback riding (1 hour, beginners) at Terra Ranch - with photos of you taken by your guide and sent to you within 48 hours
  • Full day private excursion on Day 8 including transfers, English-speaking local guide, honey and cheese tasting, ticket for the zip line Beware of the Bear, zip line flight video and lunch at the family farm in the countryside
  • Trip preparation fee
  • VAT 

What's not included?

  • International airfare to and from Croatia
  • Car rental, transfer to/from arrival/departure points and transfers not included in the itinerary (on request)
  • Meals, drinks and services other than those specified in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees other than specified in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Gratuities (tips are always appreciated but not mandatory) 

Reductions and supplements

  • Tours in different languages (on request)
  • For 3rd person on additional bed (on request)
  • For children additional bed available (on request)
  • For single room (on request)  


  • On Day 4, you can choose rafting distance and difficulty according to your skills. If you prefer more easy paddling, the guide will take you to the lower parts of Savinja river, where the river slows down and is perfect for enjoyment. Make sure you bring along your swimsuit and a towel. Good swimming skills are required

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