Don't splash the cash before you know exactly what suits your needs best

Photo: Nicola Colombo

April 04.2018.

Buying a windsurfing board? 4 things you need to know first

Before buying a new or used windsurf board, first make sure you have a list of what you actually need

Blog written by Goran Božić Active holiday specialist and a very passionate windsurfer

Buying a windsurf board is a very exciting task for a beginner, but before you splash the cash, you need to learn a few helpful rules from an experienced windsurfer.

Take your time, rent, test, and see for yourself what kind of equipment and style you prefer.

#1 Level up

First things first, you do not need a windsurfing board if you are a complete beginner. Do not rush into the surf shop after your first course or second or even third. Take your time, rent, test, and see for yourself what kind of equipment and style you prefer.

#2 Feel the style

There are four main styles in windsurfing: freeride, freestyle, wave and slalom racing. Each style has a specific board shape that suits the needs of the surfer. However, there is "one ring to rule them all" and it is called a freestyle-wave board. This is a most popular shape that suits all surfers who prefer a wide range of conditions.

Don't rush in the surf shop before trying out a rented gear. You don't even need your own windsurfing board if you are a complete beginner.  

#3 Where are you going to windsurf?

Make sure that you understand the wind conditions at your local beach. That knowledge will help you to choose the size and a type of your new board. For example; if you live close to the beach where you can get winds up to 20 knots without the waves, then you can exclude wave boards.

#4 What is more fun for you?

In the end, it all comes to this, are you having fun? You will be able to use all styles in 25 knots of wind, but will you be happier on slalom or freeride wave or freestyle board? That is all up to you, and that is why we recommend to travel, rent different gear and explore your style.  

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