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Via Dinarica hiking: see forests, canyons, rivers and lakes of Gorski kotar

Visit stunning highland trails of Gorski Kotar, explore dense forests, river canyons and narrow gorges surrounded by 100-meter-tall rocks. Hike through Via Dinarica trails, and you might even end up snapping a few breathtaking images of mountain river cascades to brag about later.

If you are a fan of unspoilt nature and active vacations, make sure you put Gorski Kotar on your bucket list. This green Croatian mountain oasis with its crystal-clear lakes, springs, rivers and the shades of 100-year-old forests will infuse you with all sights, sounds and smells of nature that you ever dared to wish for. This trip is equally beautiful regardless of the season or time of year.

Trip highlights

  • Hiking to the enchanting emerald lake at Zeleni Vir, a forceful spring at the bottom of a shallow cave
  • Hiking to the Devil's Pass, one of the most stunning canyons in Croatia
  • Hiking through the Kamačnik river canyon, over wooden galleries, walkways and footbridges
  • Stop at the fish farm Mala Lešnica and pick up rainbow trouts which you will enjoy for lunch in Zeleni vir
  • Exploring the town of Fužine, surrounding trails, and the nearby lake Bajer 

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Activities are taking place in Gorski Kotar region of Croatia

Fužine, a well-known Croatian tourist destination in Gorski Kotar, located 730 metres above sea-level and only 25 km away from the sea, provides numerous sporting and recreational activities, marked hiking and cycling trails as well as a walking path around Lake Bajer. This programme offers individual tours that include circular tours, which start and end in Fužine. There are a total of 9 marked hiking and cycling trails.

Also try some home-made specialties at the hotel restaurant, such as deer or wild boar prosciutto, frogs' legs, trout; venison, wild boar or bear goulash in blueberry, cranberry or mushroom sauce or a sweet forest fruit strudel. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Stroll around Fužine and warm up on the hiking trail

Arrival in the town of Fužine in Gorski Kotar and check-in at the hotel. You will have free time available for a stroll around the town. We suggest that you take the attractive and less demanding hiking trail - Ribička staza (Fisherman's Trail, trail length = 9 km). The trail starts at the Lake Bajer. It's a 2 km hike on the unpaved trail until you reach the Rakov potok (Crab's Creek) hiking hut and Lake Lepenica. The trail runs through Fužine in its entirety.


Full day excursion on Via Dinarica trail

After breakfast, you'll meet your local tourist guide at 10 a.m. and then get transferred to the vicinity of Skrad for a full-day excursion on the Via Dinarica trails. You'll visit Zeleni Vir, a forceful spring at the bottom of a shallow cave beneath an approximately 70 metres tall stratified rock from which a gorgeous stream cascades downward. Then you will stop at the fish farm Mala Lešnica and pick up rainbow trouts which you will enjoy for lunch in Zeleni vir.

Visit to the one of the most stunning canyons in Croatia, the 800 metres long and the 2 metres wide Vražji prolaz (Devil's Pass). Jasle, a babbling mountain brook works its way through a narrow gorge surrounded by 100-metre-high rocks. Return to Fužine at approximately 5 p.m.


Hike in river canyon near crystal clear water

After breakfast, departure from the hotel at 10 a.m. for a half-day excursion, accompanied by a local tourist guide and a transfer to the protected landscape Kamačnik near Vrbovsko. The Kamačnik River canyon is a 3200 metres long water course with a hiking trail that follows the crystal-clear rivulet surrounded by lush vegetation and a large number of protected animal species.

A walking trail, wooden bridges and galleries were made in 1961. Kamačnik cut its gorge into the Velika Kapela massive. It cascades down the river Dobra since it was at its entrance turned into a lake by a dam.

Lunch is scheduled after the visit of the Via Dinarica trails, followed by a return to Fužine. In the afternoon you can take a walk down Staza zaljubljenih (Lover's Path path length: 1,7 km), which starts in Fužine and passes through vivid and quaint locales.


Fužine, individual hike

Check-out after breakfast. If you find the time, we suggest an eco-friendly boat tour (45 minutes) of Lake Bajer with an especially attractive backwater entrance towards Lake Lepenica or you can go on an individual hike down the Djevojačka haljina (Girl's Dress) trail (trail length: 9 km).

The trail starts in Fužine and extends towards Lič. After passing the Drvenjača factory after approximately 500 metres turn left towards the macadam in the direction of the Lič farm. The trail isn't particularly steep, which makes it perfect for recreational exercisers. 

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