No matter the trail or the hiker, the goal is always the same - connecting with nature

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July 01.2022.

Hiking In Croatia: Have fun exploring coastal and mountain trails

Croatia is one of Europe's premium travel destinations, with its sparkling coastline strewn with islands, ancient cities, national parks and more experiences than you could count. But, there is a secret not many people are aware of - Croatia has great hiking trails!

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Hiking is engraved into human DNA, and few things in life make you feel as good as a hike in nature. It builds bone density by pushing your bones and muscles to work harder against gravity, improves sleep quality, boosts happiness and can even help to combat depression. Going on a hike can be challenging and exhausting, and it can also be easy and fun. Some people love to hike because they love to spend time in nature, and others are after a high ridge's adrenaline rush and physical challenge.

The best seasons for walking in Croatia are generally spring and autumn

No matter the trail or the hiker, the goal is always the same - connecting with nature. No one regrets going for a hike, and if you get to hike in a place like Croatia, the experience is just incredible.

Nature or urban hiking?

The beautiful country of Croatia is fast becoming a trendy hiking holiday destination in Europe. Located in South-Eastern Europe, the country boasts an incredibly long and varied rocky coastline, mountains, many Mediterranean islands and tranquil rural countryside.

Croatia lies just on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Italy and borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the far south with Montenegro. The country's terrain is quite diverse. Beautiful plains in the north, lakes and rolling hills in the north and northeast are great, but some prefer urban hiking, climbing the Dinara mountain or staying close to the coast. 

Perfect climate

Because of Croatia's varied geography, you'll find a wide range of climates here. All along the Dalmatian coast and islands, a Mediterranean climate prevails with mild winters and long, hot, dry summers. Hvar island is the sunniest spot in the country. In summer, a pleasant westerly wind blows in the afternoon from the sea, bringing refreshing cooler air.

The flatter areas behind the Dinaric Alps in the east are sheltered and influenced by continental Europe weather. Winters get cold here, and it can be pretty hot in summer. The mountains have more rainfall, such as the Dinaric Alps and Velebit, and summer temperatures are pleasantly low. Snow falls here in winter, just like in the continental parts of the country.

 You'll never be too far away from the populated urban areas

The best seasons for walking in Croatia are generally spring and autumn. Firstly, you avoid the summer crowds and heat, and secondly, you can enjoy the fantastic spring flora or the changing colours in autumn. Some higher mountain areas have a cooler climate, so they also offer respite from the heat in summer.

Nature parks, cities, mountains...

It is generally great outdoor weather in March along Croatia's coast, with spring properly arriving in April in many areas. Higher up in the mountains, it can still be cooler, and snow can linger here. October and November can also offer excellent walking conditions; they are cooler months, and the autumn landscapes are stunning.

Set off on easy forest hikes right outside the capital Zagreb or ascend colossal Dinara mountain for multiday tracks and sublime coastline views. Roam through wooded national parks packed with incredible trails and treks and enjoy close-up views of splendid waterfalls and multicoloured lakes. 

Trails are nicely signposted and mountainous regions are dotted with huts

Maybe you prefer urban hiking through the UNESCO-protected cities? No problems, Croatia has got you covered! And the best thing is that despite the vast array of national parks, hills, mountains and rugged islands, you'll never be too far away from the populated urban areas because Croatia is small and well connected.

Nature is surprisingly well-kept in Croatia and all trails are nicely signposted, mountainous regions are dotted with huts, and national parks can be easily traversed. Croatia has some fantastic national parks to explore where you can go on beautiful hikes. Plitvice National Park is a good one to start, where the stunning scenery of lakes and waterfalls will transport you straight into a Lord of the Rings set.

Ease of the experience

The landscape can change pretty drastically, though. Some hiking areas in Croatia are densely forested, resembling Northern Europe more than the Mediterranean, but there are crazy mountain ranges you can tackle too.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia

The last thing to be aware of is that the weather plays a big part in Croatia's hiking game — the summer means scorching temperatures and sunshine, and winter can drop temperatures to around 0 °C.

 Travel designers take care of everything so you can simply hike and enjoy!

You shouldn't attempt any mountain hike during the winter, and if you choose hiking during autumn, you'll benefit from that fall foliage bonus.

RealCroatia's travel designers create tailored hiking itineraries, considering each person's fitness level, personal preferences and budget. So expect to get optimal duration, difficulty and track length for each day from an expert, so you can simply hike and enjoy! 

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