Every island enthusiast needs to experience island hopping in Croatia at least once in their lifetime

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July 29.2022.

Island hopping in Croatia: Perfect way to experience the Adriatic

Croatian islands are blissful summer escapes. They are scattered like pearls across the shimmering Adriatic sea, each with its own identity, history and traditions. From the beach-to-beach kayak riding experience to sailing around in a rented boat, Adriatic island hopping is an absolute must-try for a modern traveller.

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Is there a better vacation than spending your days lapping up the Mediterranean sun, diving off a boat into glistening waters, exploring quaint towns scattered along a rugged coastline, eating gelato and meandering down cobblestoned alleyways? If this sounds like a dream come true, it is about time you plan an island hopping trip.

Glimpse into the culture, cuisine and lifestyle

Island hopping in Croatia is an excellent adventure with thrilling experiences, a fun-filled activity every island enthusiast needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. 

Croatia’s coast is dotted with 1244 exquisite islands and islets. Each one offers a great glimpse into the culture, cuisine and lifestyle of the Croatian people, as well as possessing some of the world’s most amazing beaches and nature. The hidden coves, small fishing villages, medieval-style cities, calm blue waters and beautiful sunsets make it one of Europe’s most sought-after summer destinations.

You can tailor a Croatia island hopping holiday to suit your style and needs

With Croatia’s islands and islets encompassing nearly 6,000 kilometres of coastline, exploring them all is impossible in short time. You will need to return a few times, which is not such a bad thing, all things considered. 

The crucial thing to decide before anything else is how you’d like to explore Croatia. You have a few options. From the local ferry system to chartering a private boat, you can tailor a Croatia island hopping holiday to suit your style and needs.

Yacht, sailboat or ferry?

Renting a Yacht for a week or two of island hopping has become quite a widespread phenomenon! Taking place during July and August, the concept entails you and a group of friends renting a Yacht to sail around Croatia at your own pace. You are provided with a Skipper to show you the ropes, so you don't have to have sailed before.

Another popular option is to go sailing. Sailing in Croatia has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and hundreds of companies offer week-long group sailing trips island hopping along the Croatian coastline.

If sailing isn't your cup of tea, going by boat isn't the only way to see this beautiful coastline. The ferry system in Croatia is surprisingly easy and affordable, so Island hopping is a brilliant experience whether you are going by car, bike or on foot. 

Car, bike or on foot?

The only difference is that you are more limited on the ferry schedule because you need to take the ferries that accommodate cars. You also need to reserve your spots ahead of time to cut down on waiting.

You don't have to use a car - hop on your bike, make the same trip, or go as a foot passenger.

Over the past decade, the islands have seen a great leap forward in the quality of service. Some lovely boutique hotels and restaurants were built. They offer trendy and healthy meals based on Adriatic seafood and local, seasonal produce. Connectivity with the mainland is now really fantastic. In addition to the inexpensive Jadrolinija ferries, many fast summer catamaran connections were introduced.

When to go?

A bit of planning can definitely take you a long way. Deciding where you want to go and understanding the ferry schedules before you go will take the work out of your vacation.

Anywhere between May and September is an excellent time to travel. The warmed-up seawater creates perfect conditions for ferry services, which are vital to the Croatia Island-hopping experience. That being said, the best months to island-hop in Croatia are June and September, promising warm, sunny weather, ideal for hiking, cycling and swimming, as well as fewer crowds and slightly lower prices – though the country is a fantastic destination year-round.

it is best to consult with a professional trip designer from RealCroatia to best suit your personal preferences and schedule

On top of that, the islands are big on adventure sports – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned thrill seeker – making them great places to try sea-kayaking, wind-surfing, scuba diving, mountain biking and hiking.

Recipe for success

Add to that a growing number of rustic agrotourism centres, offering a glimpse of rural life, with wine tours, olive oil tasting and home cooking, and you have a recipe for success.

You can travel from island to island and see as many or as few as you want. Although scripted, pre-planned island hopping trips are available, it is always better to consult with a professional trip designer from RealCroatia to best suit your personal preferences and schedule. Atleast consider the advance booking to overcome the pressure that comes with a last-minute rush.

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