Croatia has a rich camping history dating back to 1934. No wonder it is now one of the world leaders in glamping experiences

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June 01.2022.

Great reasons to take a glamping holiday in Croatia

If you want to experience the great outdoors but don't want to sacrifice comfort, you should try glamping. Glamping combines "glamour" and "camping" elements and invites guests to experience nature up close while satisfying their desires for comfort and modern amenities. It could be one of the best ways to experience Croatia.

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Glamping is a modern, luxurious way of camping with facilities and accommodation far more comfortable than traditional camping. You can enjoy the freedom and closeness to nature that camping offers without the unpleasant aspects that most people fear. Bugs, wild animals, sudden storms, leaky tents, smelly sleeping bags and questionable canned food are not the things to experience on a glamping vacation.

Glamping offers the same outdoor experience as traditional camping, but with a dash of luxury

In Croatia, most glamping sites are located on the coast, especially in Istria and Kvarner regions and on islands like Hvar. There are also many great glamping sites in southern Dalmatia or even in the continental part of the country, especially near the national parks or thermal spas.

We'll introduce you to some of the advantages of glamping in Croatia and help you prepare for it.

Glamping is different from camping

For many people, their first camping experience is often their last. Glamping offers the same outdoor experience as traditional camping. Still, the campsite amenities far surpass anything most campers have ever encountered. 

Croatia is a small country, which means there are plenty of great sites within your reach, but you still won't be staying in crowded places if you choose to do so.

Location, location, location...

Each of the luxury campsites in Croatia is ideally located for you to explore the surrounding area. Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, leads the way in glamping, with almost half of all glamping spots. Dalmatia is also catching up and continuously expanding its glamping offer. 

Glamping means that your accommodation is ready and waiting - you don't have to set up the tent yourself and hope it doesn't leek

Island fans will be pleased to hear that the Kvarner bay islands such as Cres, Lošinj and Krk and the Dalmatian islands such as Pag, Hvar and Brač have glamping units.

The glamping experience on the Croatian mainland invites you to a unique stay on a hill, river or lake in places like Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Lika region and spots near the Croatian capital Zagreb.

Accommodation, sleeping...

Some people associate camping with packing your tent, pitching it in the middle of nowhere and hoping it doesn't leak. On the other hand, glamping means that your accommodation is ready and waiting, usually a framed hut with electricity and running water. Depending on how organised you are, when camping, you can sleep with a sleeping bag or camp bed and snuggle up under the stars. 

Glampers can enjoy a comfortable bed with a proper mattress and linen sheets.

Most glamping sites have a proper bathroom and hot running water in the tent so that you can wash off the day's waste in comfort.

Time well spent with family or friends

Being outside and surrounded by the elements is the perfect catalyst for being closer to each other. Glamping in Croatia can create great memories and an unforgettable experience. You can run and explore with the kids on a family holiday, discover nature, get dirty, and let them loose. 

Exploration is a natural human urge, especially when glamping with children or friends

If you're out with friends, you can hike in nature, roast marshmallows or use the site as a base camp to take day trips to local hotspots and attractions. Maybe you're looking for romance or a quiet getaway for two without kids? Enjoy leisurely walks and de-stress in the sounds of nature around you. Sit under the stars and enjoy the crackle of the fire to return to reality refreshed.

Personalised experience

Glamping allows you to pursue your particular interests. Exploration is a natural human urge, especially when glamping with children or friends. A RealCroatia travel consultant can create a glamping holiday that focuses on your passions. 

Glamping can be an active holiday, so consider combining it with hiking, cycling or diving. You can also choose glamping accommodation close to a spa, wellness area or thermal water facility.

Croatia has a rich camping history

Croatia has a rich camping history dating back to 1934 when the first unofficial naturist camp was opened on the island of Rab. In the beginning, camping in Croatia was closely associated with naturism, and 70 percent of tourists were locals.

You should research the destination, and the best way to do that is to consult with one of RealCroatia's trip planners

Over the years, the camping industry continued to develop. In the record year of 2019, Croatia recorded 2.9 million camper arrivals and 19 million overnight stays.

Before you go!

Before you set off on a glamping trip, you should research the destination, and the best way to do that is to consult with one of RealCroatia's trip planners. They'll listen to you, create a tailor-made plan, and explain everything about the accommodation's amenities, such as what's provided and what you need to bring with you, the local services, and the area's sights.

It's also essential to make a meal plan based on the cooking facilities of the accommodation and/or nearby restaurants. Charging electronic devices and bringing good reading material will help you stay relaxed. Let the professionals take care of your glamping trip to Croatia!

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