You’ll get hands-on experience in finding the best ingredients for Croatian cuisine, and learn how to prepare authentic local delicacies

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People learning how to prepare authentic local Croatian delicacies

Wine & gastro trip

Zagreb for foodies, including a culinary workshop

Gourmets and gastronomes, do we have a treat for you! Get to know Croatia’s capital through the lens of food, and participate in a workshop where you’ll be making traditional lunch dishes from our continental cuisine.

Croatian cuisine is very diverse. Pretty much every region of Croatia has its own culinary tradition, which is not necessarily well known in other parts of the country. The continental part of the cuisine, which is the focus of this trip, is heavily influenced by neighbouring countries and nations — Austrian, German, Hungarian and in parts even Turkish — and is well established in our capital.

You’ll get to know Zagreb through a journey of flavours and aromas, sampling delicacies and interacting with locals that have something to do with food, like the local vendors in the largest farmer’s market. But you’ll also attend a fun workshop where you’ll get hands-on experience in preparing authentic local lunch dishes.

Trip highlights

  • Participating in a culinary workshop where you’ll be making a delicious local lunch dishes
  • A foodie walking tour of Zagreb, including visit to Dolac farmers’ market
  • Assuming the role of a chef to prepare a simple Dalmatian marenda (snack)

Trip availableAny time of year
Duration4 days
Suitable for2-4 people
SupportPartially guided
Price per personfrom 458.00 €
Great for
  • Foodies
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • All categories
You’ll be accommodated in
  • 4-star hotel in Zagreb
Trip designed by Vesna Luzar

Extremely versatile trip designer with an established career in travel business

Activities are taking place in Zagreb

Locals usually have a specific market vendor (kumica), butcher or a fruit seller that they keep returning to at the Dolac market, and call them “their own”. The friendly bond between them is usually what makes the fruit taste sweeter, vegetables healthier, cheese creamier and meat more delicious. While your stay may not be long enough to bond with one yourself, you’ll visit the Dolac market twice during this trip and both time accompanied by market regulars: first time as part of the culinary workshop in a quest to get your ingredients, and second time as part of the foodie tour that will include the indoors part of the market as well. 

Day-by-day itinerary


Dinner at a national restaurant, Zagreb craft beer scene

After arriving to Zagreb and checking in to your 4-star hotel, take some time to get to know the city. Stroll down the beautiful Zrinjevac park to downtown, and afterwards visit the Zagreb Eye viewpoint at the top of the skyscraper overlooking the ban Jelačić square.

You will be dining at the national restaurant Vinodol in the very centre of the city, which is a primary destination when it comes to traditional specialties of continental and Mediterranean cuisine. Your menu will be as follows: fish appetizers , Zagreb steak (fried veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese) with baked potatoes, homemade bread and a hot chocolate dessert with homemade vanilla ice cream.

After dinner, we recommend that you visit some of the beer houses/pubs of Zagreb craft scene. They found their home in Opatovina, the ancient part of the city. The warmest and the most charming among them is Tolkien’s House, offering around 90 different types of beer, most popular of which are Zmajsko, Nova Runda, Fischer’s and Weizen Vitus. Another great place is the Craft Room, just a few doors down from Tolkien’s House, which offers more than a hundred local and foreign craft beers such as Zeppelin Weizenbock, Zuur Buckthorn, smoked beer Smog Rocket, Witbier etc. And if you’re going for hat trick in the neighbourhood, visit the Mali Medo (The Small Bear) bar in Tkalčićeva street and try their fantastic beers Grička vještica (The Witch of Grič), Crna kraljica (The Black Queen) and Zlatni medo (The Golden Bear).

Food Tip

Craft beer is a specialised beer produced in limited quantities by a small usually independent brewery. Simply put, craft beer is a beer not brewed by one of the big corporations. Craft breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique. The craft beer revolution has started in Croatia also, new breweries are popping up almost daily, and the most popular brew in Croatia is Pale Ale.


Culinary workshop

You’ll have your breakfast at the hotel and then you’ll head over to the location of the workshop. During the next 3 or 4 hours the lecturer will take you to visit Dolac, Zagreb’s largest farmers’ market and bring you back to prepare dishes for a typical local lunch. During the workshop, the lecturer is going to provide individual support to each attendee, so you can count on getting lots of good advice and learning new culinary techniques while making those dishes.

The dishes will be:

Eingemachtes, a thick invigorating soup made of chicken meat, giblets and root vegetables

Pork cutlet with cooked green beans that were fried in breadcrumbs and butter

Traditional apple strudel, made the way that Croatian grandmothers used to make them

After the meals have been prepared, you’ll have time to eat, socialize, sample everyone else's dishes, and taste white wines typical for the Zagreb region - riesling and graševina.

In the afternoon, after some sightseeing in the city center, we’ll take you to try štrukle, a traditional dish whose recipe comes from Zagorje region and is adored in Zagreb. It’s essentially baked pastry filled with fresh cheese and sour cream, and it’s so recognizable that it’s on the list of the dishes of Croatian non-material cultural heritage. Try it with a glass of white wine.

Food Tip

Another local favorite is a dish named the Zagreb steak; bread-crumbed veal stuffed with ham and cheese. Most local restaurants have the option of using pork or chicken instead of veal, so if you decide to try one, feel free to tune it to your own taste - it’s going to be delicious either way!


City food tour

After breakfast at the hotel, you’ll embark on a foodie walking tour of Zagreb led by an experienced gastronome. The tour will start at the oldest Zagreb bakery, with bread and pastry made following an old family recipe running for three generations.

As you descend Tkalčićeva Street, known for its many café bars and restaurants, you will enter the indoor part of the Dolac market and taste finest homemade types of cheese. A road paved with flavours, aromas and colours at the oldest town market of Dolac will take you through the abundance of seasonal vegetables, fruit and meat products, as well as selection of sea- and freshwater fish at Dolac’s fish market.

We will take you than to the snack bar Amfora at Dolac, the open air market and let you taste the Dalmatian brunch (fried sardines).

Next you’ll move on to a wine shop where you will try prosciutto, kulen (a delicious and spicy sausage), premium olive oil, and wine from the coastal Croatia.

The tour will then take you through the Upper Town where you’ll eventually reach an old tavern, and stop for a traditional Zagreb lunch. You’ll be having duck with mlinci (homemade pastry, containing no yeast, baked and then broken into smaller pieces) and drink a Gemišt (a Croatian version of spritzer; white wine mixed with sprinkled water, ratio not being all that important).

The tour will end with cakes and coffee in the bustling downtown, and you have the rest of the afternoon free.


Wear comfortable shoes on this food tour. There might be up to 2 hours of walking in total (but nothing too difficult). There’s at least three stops where you will sit.

Food Tip

If you do get hungry in the evening, we recommend that you visit one of the oldest Zagreb restaurants, Baltazar. You will find it in the old curia of Kaptol, not far from the Cathedral; it looks like a quiet yard in the city centre, and it’s known for its top quality continental cuisine specialties that are always augmented with seasonal produce (i.e. asparagus and artichokes in late spring, or penny buns and chanterelles in autumn).


Morning coffee at the Flower Square

After breakfast, check out from the hotel. Should you have more time, drink your morning coffee like a genuine local at the Flower Square (Preradovićev Square), also called “the living room of Zagreb”. 

What's included?

  • Accommodation at a 4-star hotel in double bedroom classic
  • Tourist tax
  • 3 overnight stays with buffet breakfast
  • Culinary workshop with lunch, following a program
  • Štrukle with a glass of wine
  • Dinner at a national restaurant (drinks not included, payment on site)
  • City food tour with tasting, following a program, and lunch
  • VAT

What's not included?

  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses

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